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In 'Vindication' for Climate Activists, UK Court Says London Ban on Extinction Rebellion Protests Was Unlawful

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/vindication-climate-activists-uk-court-says-london-ban-extinction-rebellion-protests

When corporations sue for relief from protestors, it’s called a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). When government agencies do it, it’s overreach by a corrupt state on behalf of its kleptocratic owners. And it’s discouraging, not to mention debilitating, to have to fight the same battle again and again. With that said, kudos as always to jurists of principle, wherever they may be.


TPTB know they are on very shaky ground, with more and more people growing aware of their vulnerability and of the crises that need to be addressed.

That is why they are taking these kinds of desperate measures - trying to outlaw BDS of Israel in the USA, trying to outlaw climate boycotts in Australia, trying to outlaw XR protests in the UK.

We the People need to be strong, and we need to continue to act in the face of such anti-free speech and anti-democracy laws.


This is part of the story.

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Fantastic. Now can Amnesty International please help Julian Assange. Thankyou.


A strong and encouraging post! Thank you!

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I have two views on this issue:

  1. The government (at least in America where we have the 1st Amendment) can’t make a blanket ban on peaceful protesting. If people want to picket, shout, etc. about any issue, they should be free to do so. And certainly a one-size-fits-all blanket ban would be unconstitutional.
  2. However, let’s not forget why this ban was put in place. Not all of these protests were peaceful. You can’t just block public spaces, invade private property, etc. That’s illegal. You can’t stand on top of a train and prevent it from moving.

CD has an obligation to be truthful about the situation and note these things. By completely leaving out the second part, CD is tacitly condoning that behavior, which is disturbing.

The purpose of peaceful protests, since the time of GreenPeace IS to disrupt the normal workday or process or system that is facilitating the harm that is being protested. Yes, of course it interferes with the normal work day that is the point, to get attention and to raise awareness. The slam of ER not holding peaceful protests is just not true.

Been to a demo…lately?It IS the police that are not peaceful.
For example, the practice, which should be illegal, of "kettling"is a very, violent, and frightening tactic to witness. Used in the UK and elsewhere. They are armed like SWAT teams, especially in the US, where they indiscriminately use pepper spray and do all sorts of very violent things that are?NEVER reported by the press.
What is missing from these reports is a proper description of the amount of straight up BRAVERY these folks exhibit. Sometimes, there are only a few that show up, but even when there are many people it is an extremely brave thing to participate in these protests. Takes real courage.
Speaking of disturbing?Have you considered the harm that these corporations, with government condoning it, do to the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the land that our children play on?Environmental crimes currently, go unpunished every single day, by fossil fuel companies.They dump toxic waste with impunity. If you or I went to our local lake and dumped a gallon of waste?We would be fined and despised, and rightly so. Disruption!is what is a protest is all about. We as a species, no longer have time to bury our heads in the sand and just look out for ourselves.
#ExxonKnew since the 1970s, and they been suppressing science and delivering fake news all that time. Extinction Rebellion represents the sane among us. What is insane?Is to carry on, blinding doing the business of the day, while the world faces the worst, existential crisis in all history. Environmental crimes ARE a form of violence, and one day they will be treated with the severity they warrant. You should support the protestors and the organizations that fight against these crimes, not criticize, I will say it again!the BRAVE people who are out in the streets, doing something to stop it.


Thankyou for that. I agree, reporting on any topic is subject to scrutiny. The msm is something to be wary of. The masses now are fighting for survival and until there is no food on the shelves there will be no uprising on a large scale. A hungry man is an angry man.

Your response is sad. Just sad. If I was a commuter and one of these idiots blocked my ability to get to work, the first thing I’d do is call the police to get them arrested. And that’s exactly where they’d belong, hopefully with a large enough fine/sentence for repeat offenses so as to prevent the behavior continuing.