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In 'Visionary' Document, Small Island Nations Declare 'Climate Crisis' in Pacific

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/visionary-document-small-island-nations-declare-climate-crisis-pacific


This small island is suffering too; albeit a different problem:

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This is not a visionary document - it is what any thinking responsible adults has known for years.

Demands !

Enforcing those demands - exactly how ?

{I posted this on another climate crisis article but my thoughts seem to fit here too}

I do not have an opinion on MANkind-caused climate warming. I read all the alarmist presentations here and I don’t discount them but others such as https://www.cfact.org/2019/07/27/the-folly-of-climate-emergency/ say man-CAUSED climate change is bunk. I do believe (wasn’t there at the time) that earth’s climate has changed drastically through the millennia. I’d really like to see a back and forth debate, maybe several of them, to make up my mind. Right now there are two distinct camps and I am not enough of a scientist to go along with either one. Further more these two camps do not seem to be talking with one another. Government and the main stream media have lied so often that I have become very skeptical of everyone. I am concerned that climate-change concern looks like a means to tax the daylights out of us, enthrone government to totalitarian status, and basically wipe out modern society which isn’t ALL bad. A live debate would help me a lot. Gopherit

Wait … you mean you’re open-minded and willing to look at all the facts? Hallelujah! If only there were more people like you. Climate is complicated.

Yes. And i replied to that post. Same question: who is boyd walker?
I also included a comprehensive article from the smithsonian.

For what it is worth, for your dining and dancing pleasure, here is an article claiming that climate change was concocted by wealthy, elitist globalists to impose world government – THEIR world government (not for you or me!) https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-31/genocidal-roots-green-new-deal-limits-growth-unchaining-prometheus It’s a bit boring but I have seen similar claims. The globalists have raped and pillaged their way to inconceivable wealth, they don’t need any more of our loot so CONTROL is what they are after, the only game left in town that seems to amuse them. As said, I haven’t been convinced either way yet but such articles as this remind me of Hitler’s “Big Lie” repeated often and loud enough. Question Authority – ALL Authority! Gopherit

No other current thread to post this. But wonder how much coverage it gets: