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In Wake of Anti-Choice Senate Vote, Argentines Join Movement to Abandon Catholic Church


In Wake of Anti-Choice Senate Vote, Argentines Join Movement to Abandon Catholic Church

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hundreds of Argentines stood in long lines in Buenos Aires and around Argentina this weekend to join a "Collective Apostasy" movement, renouncing their Catholic faith a week after an anti-choice Senate vote sent thousands of Argentines out into the streets to protest.


Really like this idea –

Next week we all get on line to officially renounce the White Supremacist Trump
administration, GOP and DP –

The following week, we could all get on line to officially renounce our right wing
perverts on the non-Supreme Court – and Kavanaugh –

The third week, we could renounce Koch Bros. and others bribing our government
officials –

Fourth week, we could renounce all male-supremacist religion –

And from there out – week after week – renounce the MIC, CIA, NSA still spying on
Americans and end these “illegal wars of aggression” by the US/CIA.


This is really a good thing, but we should also be aware of the wave of Protestant fundamentalism that is sweeping the Americas. It was begun by, and continues to be heavily influenced by, right-wing financial and Protestant interests in the U.S. This is also a huge problem in Africa.

As imperial capitalism deconstructs nations and economies, it creates the conditions of desperation that cause people to reach for anything. (See the Idiot of Orange for the latest U.S. example).


Faux populism is rapidly gaining ground around the globe just like it has with Trump in the US. Using Protestant fundamentalism as one of the trojan horses utilized to plant faux populism is indeed a good strategy for the fascists posing as populists.


Too bad this didn’t happen hundreds of years ago, world would have been a better place.


“Say and not do” is both a modern and an ancient disease. 2000 years ago you could get eaten by lions for not burning a pinch of incense to Caesar, who insisted that he was a god, so you lied a bit. These days, lots of people distribute highly detailed talking points.

There doesn’t seem to be functional problem with “say and not do” until the day that the perps see people walking the other way and not coming back. They may or may not be walking away from God, but they’re certainly walking away from the perps.

What’s wrong?

Jesus of Nazareth was a feminist. The Roman Catholic church has a strict glass ceiling on women rising to the top. Then the church kicks out the divorcees. This article lists a number of anti-women grievances against the church.

Jesus never endorsed anyone becoming a soldier. The Roman Catholic church looks the other way and trains military priests.

Jesus and the entire Book of Revelation had nothing good to say about money. The modern church embraces it.

Pedophila coverups. Next question?

Well yes, most of this can apply to Protestant denominations too.


As an atheist I say GOOD! for those Argentinian women. They have power if they organize and have one voice to stand up against the the RCC. A corrupt bunch of sexually repressed, coming out sideways pedophiles.


I would reverse the order on your weeks.


out of 44 million people in Argentina (not all, but most of them Catholics) is pretty insignificant. If you ask me every single catholic should have abandoned this corrupt institution years ago and left them for the history books. Alas that was not to be - apparently they can’t get what the want from other Christian sects or Unitarianism - something about the Eucharist or some such nonsense.


Must be God’s will… ha ha!

Homosexuality and Abortions for everyone!


Yes, and I would compare it to the Wahhabi version of Islam funded and promoted by the Saudi oligarchy. Both are designed to assure immunity against socialism in working class people


Brava! Long live the fighters! If Argentine women and their human and civil rights - as well as women all around the world - if women are to be respected as individuals and the male-dominated societies reformed and changed (easier said than accomplished) to give women those long-denied equal rights, it includes (very much!) the RCC, and Pope Francis, who should speak to the issues women are fighting for, especially as an Argentine. He has been more progressive than his predecessors on many issues, but needs to do more, and this is one issue that needs attention and much needed change…


I support reproductive rights to a degree - the right to abortion is nobody else’s business except the woman and her doctor. However, in a world that is suffering from vast human overpopulation, the use of artificial means to bring more humans into it should not be legal. And that is not a theological position. That is an environmentally rational one. I think there should be far more restrictions on reproduction, but I’m told they would be major human rights violations. I think we need to redefine “right to life” to mean the right of all living things on Earth to exist without being driven to extinction by the expansion of one species, namely us.


The cult of natalism must be questioned if humans really want to talk about climate change.


When Heterosexuals Rule the World… a song…


You have kind of hinted at the fact that community outreach has power. But where will the people be when it comes time gather? Griping has to have roots and sustenance. G


gand –

Trying to be clearer than “hinting” at anything –
and don’t think I’m recommending community outreach so much as going back
to the community and joining with the regulars who attend Town Meetings and to
begin introducing many of the subjects we are discussing here.

Granted it is “griping” as we’re all doing here, I guess.
From what I’m seeing people are gathering everywhere against corrupt government.
It may be more a matter of us joining them.
And, I do think that leaders in these communities will rise –
but we have to make sure that the New Boss isn’t the same as the Old Boss.
That seems to be what often happens in change and revolutions.


One would think the simple fact that the roman church has had the ability to end world hunger for close to a century, but instead chooses to hoard and amass ever increasing amounts of wealth would cause some of their flock to double check the bible once or twice.