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In Wake of Cruel Trumpcare Vote, Sanders Calls on California to Lead Nation With Single Payer


In Wake of Cruel Trumpcare Vote, Sanders Calls on California to Lead Nation With Single Payer

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Days after Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the "atrocious" American Healthcare Act (AHCA), also known as Trumpcare, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on the state of California to "send a message" to the nation and pass a proposed single-payer healthcare bill.


Go Bernie! You da Man! Jill Stein. Chime in, please! And soon! Earth is burning. The inmates are in charge of the asylum - lol - We the People need both of you and your entourage engaged, together. HELP!


"What's Good for General Motors Australia is Good for the U.S.A.!!"


Go California! Love from a sister state, Vermont, in the struggle to cover everyone!


Back it up Bernie: change course and introduce that Medicare for All bill you're putting on a back burner.


Oh, so nnnnooooowww the land of fruits and nuts is your generous aunt and not your crazy uncle? Well, dudes and dudettes, we're going to give it our best shot. And, Sen. Sanders, thanks for this.


Under TrumpCare, is erectile dysfunction a pre-existing condition that won't get coverage? Just asking.....


Single payer is a good idea... that Vermont could not make work. It collapsed there without taking effect. Bernie never clearly defined what he meant by single payer anyway, during the campaign -- he hinted at UK version, which people there like for emergencies, loath for most other reasons. French version is loved in France and by public health experts, but government doesn't own everything. Not Bernie's style.

So coming off those debacles, but prone to making promises he can't keep, Bernie wades into California. As my Harlem neighbors say, "just another old white guy with empty promises."


The UK does not have single payer and I do not recall Sanders ever referring to the UK system as anything remotely close to single payer. Medicare For All is single payer. One single payer to private health care providers. Similar to Canada, not the UK.


If he really wanted wanted to send a message he would not be calling on California. What he could do and what he said he was going to do but has now reneged would be to introduce a companion bill in the Senate to HR 676 - Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. What are you waiting for Bernie? The dems got your courage?


Not only is UK single payer, it is single provider, unless you have infinite money. Almost all doctors, nurses, hospitals etc are owned by the government! Problem is, the government has not invested all it should to keep the system running right -- about 9% of GDP. The norm in Western industrialized society is about 12%. USA is silly at 16%.


Are you living in a senior center? And, the governor of Vermont threatened a veto after the OhBummer Adm. advised him not to, ah, " muddy the waters ". FYI- prune juice often helps. There's probably some in your neighbors fridge.


Absurd lie. VT papers were full of news on these issues. The law PASSED, was not vetoed, and the state tried to make it work for 3 years. It would have required higher taxes, in exchange for care. Fine by me, but political suicide even in a liberal state. Obama had zero to do with it. Zero. But he did say other states were not going to subsidize VT.


You are a paid misinformationist. Now that we recognize the other ones on Common Dreams the insurance industry has introduced new sock puppets. It won't work.

We recognize you by your insurance industry script.


I love our system here in Canada. Seventeen years ago, I had a heart transplant for a rare auto-immune condition, giant cell myocarditis. No cost, no deductible. I receive anti-rejection drugs (which would cost thousands in your backward land) for free. Since my transplant, I have earned a PhD & run a business that generated lots of employment. I'm so thankful for the chance to give back...


A little clarification on what went wrong:



WE ARE CLOSER NOW THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN TO ACCOMPLISHING MEDICARE FOR ALL. We NEED BERNIE TO TAKE US OVER THE HURDLE. Or the senate GOP is going to leave us marooned on the wealthy shores of insurance and pharmacy companies. IF IT'S PASSED, THE GOP WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPEAL IT. It's TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO PUSH HARD RIGHT NOW! Americans of every stripe ARE BEHIND IT. Double talking pols are no longer confusing the electorate with lies. Nor can PELOSI. We want MEDICARE FOR ALL NOW - whether Nancy continues to get large donations from those two industries or not!

House Republicans voted to repeal and replace Obamacare, but Democrats gave them ammunition to do it
By Quiet Mike -
May 8, 2017
"There are two critical issues regarding healthcare that neo-liberals can’t seem to understand. First, anyone who does not support single payer healthcare has something fundamentally wrong with them. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you are actually denying health coverage to people. It is that simple. Single payer saves money, it saves lives. Period.

"Second, if Obamacare had been universal healthcare instead of Romneycare, Republicans would not have been able to repeal it. The whole country would have seen it’s benefits by now, not just the newly insured. They would already be carving out Obama’s head on Mount Rushmore. Individuals in countries that introduced a national healthcare service are celebrated as heroes, even decades after the laws are passed."
Read: https://progressivespring.com/2017/05/08/democratsresponsible-healthcare-repeal/

The push for single-payer healthcare is on. Democrats should get on board or get out of the way.
Following the stunning collapse of Trumpcare, Bernie Sanders is leading the fight by progressives to win single-payer.
By Miles Kampf-Lassin -
March 29, 2017
Read: http://www.nationofchange.org/2017/03/29/push-single-payer-healthcare-democrats-get-board-get-way/

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You're full of it. Single Payer was studied, never implemented. It was never up and running and functional. As in, working. As in, being used by people in Vermont instead of another insurance program.
Obama wasn't going to support it. As in, cutting it off at the knees, before it ever got up and running. Whatever happened to states as laboratories?
You think a lot less of Sen. Sanders than most. You could be another angry, grumpy, bitter, jealous old man in need of more prune juice. Enjoy.


Or, he could be being honest about single payer's problems in Vermont and you just choose not to see it. Shumlin signed the law creating Green Mountain Care in 2011 and could not make it work. After a significant investment of time and planning, the new taxes required and the fear of people with good insurance of losing it killed it. He won re-election by 1% of the vote--not a mandate at all.

Single payer is great and I want it too. That said, the shoals of financing are always where it gets sunk. In our country, taxes are scary and they are even scarier if you've got good employer provided healthcare. That's just reality and it has been that way for a long time.


Ralph Nader and Liz Warren know who I am, and would find your characterization ludicrous. You attack facts with ignorance. The problem always is that those with good insurance -- or those who THINK they have good insurance (Hah! wait until they get really sick...) don't want to risk a wholesale move to single payer -- until, of course, they get to Medicare!

Single payer was not in the Obamacare bill because the Dems didn't have the votes to pass it with singe payer. Bernie provided exactly one vote, his own. Leadership? Barf.