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In Wake of Jo Cox Killing, Voters Back Away from Brexit


In Wake of Jo Cox Killing, Voters Back Away from Brexit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

New polls show the British public may be rethinking its stance on exiting the European Union after last week's killing of Labour Party MP Jo Cox, who was known as a "champion of refugees" and was in favor of keeping Britain's membership in the group.


-Go Jamie Diamond ----lets all stand together with the big bankers and vote Brexit down?????
-Lets stand together with Hillary,Obama and Ryan in lowering the Minimum wage in Puerto Rico to $4.25hr.
-Maybe Hillary will propose a $4.25hr minimum wage for all the US.

Democracy Now-paid FBI informant took Thomas Mair to a white supremacist meeting in 2000. Why would a paid FBI informant be taking a mentally ill man to a white supremacist meeting?????


Since November 22, 1963, I've seen far too many "lone gunmen" to take any of them at face value any longer. In fact, that stopped in 1968! They'd be a joke if people weren't being hurt and dying. As you say, "Cui bono?"


Wrecks It!

Wrecking the European Union only helps Vladimir Putin to become the next Hitler.
Living in Sweden for many months each year, we know just what that would mean
for the world -- just what it has meant for the Ukraine, namely an end to freedom!
The EU is not perfect -- but as Winston Churchill said about Democracy, it is far
better than the alternatives. After BREXIT, should it pass, there would likely be
FREXIT with the French leaving the EU and GEXIT with Germany leaving, and then
SWEXIT with Sweden leaving, and then the other nations, and then no EU at all.
That was tried -- for over a thousand years of non-stop wars, conflicts, and tragedies.


I don't know, did they take you?


For ages, the British public hasn't bothered pushing hard against an inefficient, parasitic & non-elected House of Lords, nor the monarchy either, and none of that will change if there's a Brexit. They've been whipped into a frenzy about semi elected officials in Brussels though..."At least we'll be able to pass our own laws"...riiight.


Hey, you sound just like the Murdock press and all those right-wing, neo-liveral Brexiters such as Conservative employment minister Priti Patel who says the first thing she wants to do if we leave the EU is 'tear up half the employment regulations' so we can be well on the way to a nation a zero-hours contract slavery. Nice of you to volunteer us Brits for making a bonfire of EU employment directives like guaranteed 4 weeks holiday a year, equal pay directive for both sexes, and a mass of other's worker's rights. I guess misery loves company.

Keep up the support for arch-progressive Rupert's position.


Please Nadia, do not use "exiting", when you mean leaving. Exit means "he leaves".