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In Wake of Latest Deadly Mass Shooting, Dallas Official Asks NRA to Hold Annual Convention Elsewhere

In Wake of Latest Deadly Mass Shooting, Dallas Official Asks NRA to Hold Annual Convention Elsewhere

Julia Conley, staff writer

A Dallas city official is urging the National Rifle Association (NRA) to hold its annual convention elsewhere in light of a number of deadly mass shootings in recent months, including one at a high school in Parkland, Florida last Wednesday in which 17 people were killed.


“But it is putting all citizens first and getting [the NRA] to come to the table and elected officials to come to the table, and to address this madness now.”

NRA, get the fuck away from the table already.


I applaud Mr. Caraway’s courage. Hopefully, officials in other cities will muster up enough of the same. The NRA needs to get the message that most people despise them.

The people of Dallas need to have this man’s back in the next election!


I forget where I first heard it, but open carry of weapons is forbidden at the NRA’s conventions. The irony is delicious.


The NRA is sole organization in this country that advocates for everyone’s right to own instruments of Fear and Death.

How fucked up of a people have we allowed ourselves to become?


People are increasingly noting the prevalence of powers like the NRA, which fail to contribute in positive ways. Its ethos is power by negation not by living into a full spectrum of life. It’s vision is narrow beyond narrow - which is commensurate with marketing media of single-issue power. It is the civilian end of governance and foreign policy by bludgeon.

Problem is, its success is by definition failure as it closes out all but its own platform, methodology and financing of politics (note: try and define it in terms of “policy” - that dog don’t hunt).


Everyone’s talking about how “broken” Nikolas Cruz is.

Everyone needs to look at the Liar-in-Chief in the White House and how “broken” he is. He goes off to golf after another mass slaughter of our children.

Everybody needs to look closely at how “broken” this Congress is, how just enough minority party members join with the majority to give obscene amounts of funding to the MIC when people are starving and homeless on our streets.

Everyone should take a long look at how “broken” our Two-party Duopoly that has sold our country to the corporations is.

Everyone needs to look at themselves and answer the question, “Why do I continue to vote for the “broken” parties that no longer represent me and the masses?”


If the people of Dallas, do not have this man’s back, we know that the NRA will make sure he doesn’t come back!


The NRA may put a “Bullseye” on his back.

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Indeed, my dear pony. And then we must look at the broken everywhere. In general, except for a few pockets, America is a cancer upon the world. What we’re doing/abetting in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, et al. is gut-wrenching.

I believe N. Cruz is broken, but not like Dump and the OC. Time may well show that this kid’s frontal cortex is messed up and he basically can’t control his anger and aggression impulses. (Damn me if I can remember the name of the condition.) But Dump, the OC, and the Republithugs are CHOOSING their horrific crimes against people, against democracy, and against the well-being of the world and planet.

Americans have allowed brainwashing, insidious programming, and abdication.

The leaders of the American Revolution must be spinning in their graves.


A little history lesson from Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on the Second Amendment, NRA and the early militias that served as slave patrols and to steal the land and lives of the indigenes:


The NRA is an organization which is a lobby for the gun industry but it also represents its members. It is hard to understand why so many people object to having what amounts to military-style assault rifles banned since these weapons are not needed for hunting or self-defense against criminals. My guess is many people want these weapons because they think there is a good chance that they will be engaged in military combat in the US. There seems to be two main groups with this belief. One is the white supremacists who think a race war will be coming and the other it the Patriot movement militia people who think they need these weapons to defend themselves against forces of the US government or New World Order forces. The white supremacists and militias are busy recruiting former members of the military into their ranks. If many people thought the militias in the 1990s were sort of a joke this attitude should no longer be the case and these armed groups should be taken very seriously.


The NRA should be given NOTHING for free! Tax them, rake them over the coals, make it as difficult as possible to hold a “convention!” The lies this organization spreads is despicable. They make it sound like guns are your best friend when the truth is, they are your worse enemy!


Didn’t the NRA take money from Russia to funnel to the election? What does that make the NRA?
RIP NRA. This organization is going down and the rats will be be jumping that ship.

Support the young people.


This is about as likely to happen as that the red legislature in Richmond will ask the NRA to relocate out of Northern Virginia.

Why is the NRA even at the table??? They are a private club of sickos!


On target, pun intended.

Murder being sold to the right wing as empowerment/freedom.

Wayne LaPierre may be CEO of the National Rifle Association, but I hope that he does not speak for all of its members. I am waiting for the true hunters (not the ones who hear a sound and blast away at it, hoping it’s a deer and they might accidentally hit it), the true sportsmen and women, the precision target shooters, and the responsible gun owners who keep their guns safely stowed and not available to children, to speak out against the misuse of semi-automatic weapons to slaughter innocent Americans. Those members should refuse to pay the dues that are added to the pot of money used to choke out any shreds of decency in the elected officials whose lack of action to limit access by civilians to military-style assault rifles - whose only purpose is to kill large numbers of living beings - makes them complicit in the murder of children in their classrooms.

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Got to admire this kind of cowardice. It is more or less a national disease that has metastasized years ago. Every other state is probably scrambling to get the perks.