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In Wake of Nuclear Treaty Collapse, Putin Says if US Pursues Previously Banned Missiles, Russia Will Also

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/wake-nuclear-treaty-collapse-putin-says-if-us-pursues-previously-banned-missiles

Been there done that. Why the hell to we have to keep reliving, renegotiating, re-protesting, etc etc.

Like life without the Social Safety net, or Medicare, or medicaid, or the 40hr work week, or Allies, or treaties or you name it…we’ve seen these movies. There are solid reasons why we have these things in place now. We don’t need to keep going backwards. Oh wait. Forgot about greed, ignorance and failed cult ideologies. And Neoliberals


Fun fact: The Peace Sign was developed as the juxtaposition of the semaphore flag signals for “N” (flags held down at each side at angles) and “D” (right flag up, left flag down–signaler perspective), and represented NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT.


Trump is the master of the art of no deal


I’m at the point where I hope Russia does start interfering in our elections. Just give us better leaders, dudes. Better still, hack away for a decent third party.


The peace candidate is at it again, the one who was going to save us from nuclear war. TJ, where are you?

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Hi Wise Owl"
Thank you for that, I never knew about the D flag and the N flag.
LOL, I always looked at it and thought, it’s the Peace flag, but what I could see was that I thought it was a person with no head and no arms, just legs—that shows what happens to people who love war—just pieces of fate. Kind of like the Vitruvian man but missing body parts. The N and the D flag make more sense. : )

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“Thanks, Trump.” said Vlad.

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Oh, please! Like Russia hasn’t been clandestinely doing whatever they want from the get-go. Putin is a Mafia don/dictator.

Putin can’t hold a candle to the US as far as acting like a mafia. How many Russian bases are there on US borders? Zero. How many US bases on Russia’s borders? Too many to count.


And all while chants of Moscow Mitch and Putin Puppet Trump are still being beaten incessantly. It almost makes one want Russia to just put us out of our misery.


Guess trump must have invested heavily in nuclear armament…how else to explain his interest in f*cking up something that isn’t broken and doesn’t have Obama’s name on it?


This appears to be a deal Putin wanted. Great Russia unbound. If Putin wants it, Trump wants it.

It sure is going to make Boeing happy. Now they can help create more weapons to kill people without disguising them as commercial airplanes.

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The states around Great Russia have some…issues with it.

Surely no one expected a different response, right?

This crisis is far worse than the Cold War. No one should be under any illusion. In the Cold War – despite dangerous games of chicken and times of very high tension – the two superpowers were able to step back from the brink. But today’s leaders are dangerously mistaken if they think this is simply a rerun of the era 1945-1991. The demise of the INF will not lead to a new arms race: it will be a race to re-arm, as in the 1930s. The peace movement must also not fall into the trap of seeing the crisis in terms of the Cold War if it is to have any chance of preventing nuclear holocaust.


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I wonder what Russia has done to our elections that would equal what we did to theirs in installing Yeltsin?

I wonder what Russia has done to influence the daily operations of our government that would equal what Israel and AIPAC have done in that regard?


madness for us to start another nuclear arms race. We know who will profit from it and who will pay. Maybe the cosmic justice of it is the US will bankrupt itself with such out of control weapons spending and some less aggressive society will be able to exert leadership.

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From the article:

“It’s a game of nuclear tit for tat in which there can be no winners…”

Except for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Boeing, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, etc…

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