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In Wake of 'Shameful' Vote by US Senate, New Cholera Warning for Yemen


In Wake of 'Shameful' Vote by US Senate, New Cholera Warning for Yemen

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After a "shameful and unacceptable" vote by the U.S. Senate last week to kill a bill that would have halted the nation's military support for a Saudi-led war in Yemen, the U.N. agency for children is warning about the likelihood of another deadly cholera outbreak.


In any functioning democracy, we would be discussing this and this would be a major policy debate. After all, we are a major party to this suffering. The media though would rather talk about anything else, and besides, wasnt the support for this bi-partisan? If so, the media treats that as sacrosanct. Being bi-partisan isnt a means towards good and moral policies. No, according to our rotten media, it is an end and the product of that, the policy, is not then critically analyzed. We have blood on our hands, and fuck the politicians that dont give a damn.


Judging from the too few comments, the distractions must be working.

That two nations with such deep seated racism as the US and the UK supporting the Saudis with such devastating weaponry and cash with the starvation of a non white and desperately poor nation speaks volumes to their deadly cowardice. But given their histories of Empire built on slavery this comes as no surprise.


What is not mentioned is the bombing of the de-salination plant which has left the people waterless!!! Hence cholera!!!