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In Wake of Spying Scandal, Germany to Restrict Intelligence-Sharing With US


In Wake of Spying Scandal, Germany to Restrict Intelligence-Sharing With US

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Germany is scaling back its intelligence-sharing operations with the U.S., shortly after it was revealed that the German government had spied on European allies on behalf of the National Security Agency from 2002 to 2013.

Government officials reportedly met Wednesday night to address the growing pressure to explain Germany's role in the operation.


Absolutely screaming in absence of its mention here is the obscene scandal of Africom - headquartered in Germany.


Hey, I got a deal for you on a bridge to nowhere


What scandal?


Thank you. Anyone who doesn’t know what the US is doing in Africa, basically confronting China’s successful foreign policy which is wildly contrasting the routine US failed foreign policy, which US policy is also called countering terrorism, is hilarious.

Don’t stoop to reply to that obvious Pentagon mouthpiece.


Amerika is the last Kountry anyone should trust.


This is pure comic opera! There is not a sentient being in Europe that is not aware of the fact that the BND is a wholly owned subsidiary of the C.I.A. Which created, funded, appointed it’s leadership and recruited its staff from the momentarily unemployed spooks, assassin’s, and sadist’s left over from the Nazi regime. The story is just a plant for citation in the American media, to serve as a plausible enough narrative for the fatally incurious American population. So complete is Washington’s domination of The German political landscape that it’s National Sovereignty is no more than a media illusion.