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In Wake of Supreme Court Ruling, Powerful House Democrat Richard Neal Faulted as 'Biggest Obstacle' to Getting Trump Tax Returns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/wake-supreme-court-ruling-powerful-house-democrat-richard-neal-faulted-biggest

I was going to file this along with the other myriad instances of conservadems being the chief blockade to progress. But that file cabinet was already overflowing and it wouldn’t fit.

I guess the recent House Armed Services Committee session (in which every progressive proposal to curb military spending was defeated and every amendment to stop Trump from removing troops from quagmires like Afghanistan and bases in Germany passed with bi-partisan support led by Liz Cheney – yes, she controls the d-party majority on that committee!) filled that filing cabinet to the brim.

And damn, that’s one big ass filing cabinet. Just the drawer on blind support for the Apartheid State of Israel weighs like…I don’t know…a ton?


This clown needs to go-----good to hear that he is being primaried----the reporting is that the house could have had an outright win if their arguments had not been so broad. This guy is bought and paid for—he needs to go.


Why is it that we have to pay to watch what Congess is doing??? There should be a public chanel for Congress so people can get a real view of what these clowns are doing.


Something’s telling me that 45’s financial records magically disappeared (Insider Tip: They are safely buried under the new Trump Heights development in Golan Heights/Israel)


This has been what I have been saying about Neal all along, why is this news.

Pundits today are saying the people won and trump lost on the tax subpoena ruling. Bull. Trump won’t be showing anyone his tax info unless maybe all of his lawyers die in a plane crash.

There’s more but I’m too angry to comment soberly.

I digress, there is one more thing. Pundits are claiming some sort of victory with the 7-2 decision today.
All it does is reaffirm what every single person that knows anything about the law, that common knowledge has to be reaffirmed by the high court to count for anything.
Since trump, his lawyers, and the republican’s lawyers in the Wisconsin legislature have shown us, everything is litigated and re-litigated until we are tired of hearing it all being batted around.


Make America Wait Again


I just heard someone say the word crisis on TV. They were discussing covid of course, but it seems to me there is something out there somewhere about a climate crisis. Anyone heard of something like that?
Being facetious. of course.

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A true Democrat would not make life easy for the likes of DT, and nor would one who greased the skids for Clarence Thomas.


It’s called C-SPAN.

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William Himmler, I mean Barr, is disappointed that trump can do whatever he kingly wants to.
Nothing wrong in my opinion to have a cooperative AG. but not a law breaking, lying, and dodging one. That’s “bizarro world” stuff.

And by the way, I am furious that I am smarter on most issues than the president of the United States.
It should never ever be that way.

Can we imagine presidents immune like trump would like to be.
Clinton would have Monaca in his office daily.
Reagan could have fired ALL union employees.
Shrub could have started as many wars as he damned pleased.
And Obama could have fired Moscow Mitch.

CSPAN is not on public air waves—

My group, CD-1 Progressive Coalition had the same experience when meeting with Neil. He is extremely cautious and prone to neither quick response, bold action or big ideas. Worst of all, he refuses to hold town halls or any events where he can interact meaningfully with his constituents-- listen to them and/or answer their questions-- except, of course, for the donors, which in his case, are overwhelmingly not only out of state but out of district and corporate or PAC donors not individuals-- hardly any small individual donors. Maybe the fact that Neal was refusing to release his own tax returns at the same time has something to do with his slow-walking.

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We don’t need delayed tax returns to know what trump is about. There’s plenty of examples already to know that he’s an infinitely corrupt, dictator loving, russian money laundering, pathological lying, moral degenerate. If one needs his tax returns at this late date to decide whether they support him or not then they’re already trump supporters.

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My comment wasn’t about Trump.

It was about his (and Liz Cheney’s) enablers among the far too numerous cadre of conservadems.

Speaking of conservadems, have some recent polling:


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“Obama could have fired Moscow Mitch, or deported a record number of people, or presided over meetings in which targets for U.S. drone strike assassinations were selected.”

“. . . disappointed that Trump can do. . .“


disappointed that Trump can NOT do . . . “?

It’s past time for the old donkey guard to go, they are one of the major reasons republicans continue to get a foot hold every 4 years. ~https://secure.actblue.com/donate/alexmorse

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