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In Wake of Trump-Netanyahu Proposal, Palestinian Authority Cuts Ties With US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/01/wake-trump-netanyahu-proposal-palestinian-authority-cuts-ties-us


Please research maps online and see how the CANCER that is Izra-hell has spread since they were GIVEN their land start in late 1940s.

Here’s a link: (h)ttp://mediaroots.org/map-of-israels-progressive-takeover-of-palestine1/


If only the rest of the world would impose harsh trade and travel restrictions on Israel until Israel stops violating international law.


The proposal is nothing but a brazen land grab that would deepen Israeli control while depriving millions of Palestinians of basic civil rights.


Thanks to Bibi and The Donald we’re going to party like it’s 1967…


KInd of reminds me of the Jewish population map in Europe between 1938 and 1945


The US could never be a facilitator for peace given its own history of dealing with the indigenes of the land upon which it sits and occupies. Hopefully, a united Arab League will press for a one state solution for both peoples while the rest of the world isolates the US America.


I will be thinking about donating to Hamas. What U.S. patriot wouldn’t at this point?


Back to the 20th century.

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Sort of makes one wonder why someplace hasn’t slapped trade restrictions and other sanctions on the US.


Yep, pretty much!

(I just discovered that the rules here prohibit excessive conciseness.)


We are trying. BDS is an attempt. And since it is being criminalized, it has also become the prime example of blaming the truth to protect the liars and thieves.

More and more I am seeing the actions used to silence us being a megaphone to expose the evils. Not just in this, but other issues too. Lets not miss any opportunity that is presented to us.


Kudos to Palestine for calling a turd a turd.


Exactly. What do they need them for anyway?

“The US has confirmed it stopped all aid to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, in a step linked to new anti-terrorism legislation.”

bbc news 1st feb 2019.


I would only amend the 1938 date, to start at the beginning of 1933 and even a tad before, but certainly by 1933, as soon as that monster was in, though certainly as soon as he began taking over countries, even the (March 1938) Anschluss in Austria which was a vote, supposedly allying Austria with Germany, started the grouping, killing, torturing and imprisonments right off the bat, as standard treatment for any conquered country. There was never any doubt who Hitler was, only disbelief too late on one hand and murderous, gleeful joining in on the other hand.
Then I will add one more thing, harsher, the only real reason I see that Israel hasn’t done the cattle cars, showers and ovens is to pretend publicly that this is not genocide, and on a practical basis there is no need for cattle cars as the Palestinians were already in large ghettos, just not called that, again in order to gaslight the world and in particular Jews themselves, both for self deception and to undercut any Jews (and there are many) who would otherwise rush to fight injustice, as so many times Jews stand up courageously here, and as I was brought up to believe of Jews in general. But I have, after a long transition, been long disillusioned of that belief. We should start using the term “good Jews” in the same light as we use the term “good Germans” - ironically - and very, very sadly. It is a terrible loss and one which fails to remember the holocaust, except as a cause for another version of something similar, to a people who had not participated in that horror, at all.


Let us all please never forget who was financing Hitler’s reign of terror. It was American corporations…many still around…like Bayer and Siemens. There were earlier politicians (Bush) with ties to the Nazis. Question is why is the US financing Israel against Palestine? Surely not just for hatred of the Palestinians.


Furthermore, what is to be done by American citizens about the bullying of Iran and Palestine? BDS? Is that sufficient?
We need not wonder how some of our people become radicalized. They appear to be the bravest of all and willing to commit themselves. Makes me think about the suicide bomber era we live in.

He always does … before he pitches a sale.