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In Wake of Trump Victory, Progressives Urge Democratic Party Overhaul


In Wake of Trump Victory, Progressives Urge Democratic Party Overhaul

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


As long as Hillary and the rest of her supporters keep blaming someone else, nothing will change.


Urge? How about dictate?

Either the party becomes truly progressive at all levels or kick it to the curb, and strengthen the Greens or build a new party.


All Justice Movements MUST come together, if we are to survive as a sane species over the next 4-years. This means The Berners, Rockers, Hip Hoppers and Rastas, Black Lives Matter, Anti-nukers, Chicanos, First Peoples, THE GREEN PARTY, 350.org, GREENPEACE, A.C.L.U., ALL PROGRESSIVE INDY MEDIA, The Poor, The Disabled, NO HATE - sorry if I left you or any other Mother Earth Loving Persons. This new Super Movement must swallow the old Democratic Party and bring to focus our new narratives: Business Stay Out Of Our Democracy! Democracy IS NOT A BUSINESS!


Have we not learned YET that reforming the Democratic party is futile?


Words - more words and empty promises.


"Progressives are itching to see the national apparatus reduced to rubble and rebuilt from scratch, with one of their own installed at the top."

Why rebuild the national apparatus when the system is rigged?

Direct Democracy


And right now, as we read these comments, the corporatocracy is doing everything it can to thwart a progressive takeover of the party. In fact you know they were doing conference calls the minute Clinton conceded because of that threat. It is absolutley intolerable that they may lose control of one of the major political parties. To them, that is the single biggest threat. So you know behind the scenes, they will be bringing out the heavy artillery.


It is time for Hillary and the DNC to take the blame for what happened on election day. However this will not happen. An off world post on this matter that by observation, noted minions of the cabal (Illuminati) that controls Bill and Hillary and the Hillary, decided to add insurance toward the election of Hillary by manipulating the computer voting machines to favor Hillary. The move was expedient but not precise and tilted many of the votes toward Trump.


What a shame. Why should real progressives want anything at all from the left wing of the global corporatist system? We need to focus on building our Green Party, and on attempting to get actual elections with paper ballots and witnessed hand counts.

Let that wing of corporation-central die off. Let's work to make them - and the GOP beside them as the other wing of the same system - irrelevant. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a nation where corporations didn't determine our future?


Exactly. If you haven't see this interview (SaneProgressive interviews RIchard Charnin, mathematician and election predictor extraordinaire), you might be in for a treat. It is an hour long, and so I watched in 10-15 minute pieces because there is so much information about how the results should have been (larger numbers for Trump) and what probably happened to the Stein votes.........



Exactly right.

The dem party is currently The Walking Dead, and the remaining carcasses in the halls of the party need to be removed and burned.

It is ripe for a takeover and if groups like the ones you mentioned don't seize the opportunity, it will fall right back in the hands of DINOs like DWS, the Clintons, the Howard Deans, etc.


The US establishment just gave its greatest performance so far ...


Crooked Hillary and the corrupt DNC have no one to blame but themselves because there is no doubt in my mind, that Bernie would have buried Trump.


You are correct! It may be trite, but the saying that doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity applies to trying to reform the democratic party!


Democratic Overhaul--you are kidding?..... You want more of Obama.
1.Obama has approved the Dakota Pipeline.
2. Have heard movements of a Pardon For Hillary before Obama leaves office.

......For all of you Hillary Supporters, it is what counts between the ears that matters. Let's take a hard look at where this country needs to go.....Certainly not in the Trump direction....Let's focus on:
1. Affordable Health care for all; not health insurance nor Health Trump Bank Accounts.
2. Climate Action to avoid the pending climate catastrophe which will take down the economy.
3. A strong banking system unlike the corporate one we have at this time.
4. A weapons embargo on the Middle east and elsewhere.
5. A reasonable and fair immigration policy....unlike the Obama deportation policy.....

Take a look at the Green 2016 platform...there is strength there for all.


All the lesser media/propaganda sources (including the confused
leftish, progressive-lite, supposed alt-media web-sites) seem to be
following the NYTimes ‘story-line’ that this (s)election was Shocking in
terms of both who won, what it will mean, and how epic a ‘change’
election it is.

Therefore, my following brief letter and comments to the NYTimes
apply to essentially all of the media/propaganda-sector of this Empire:
Title: “I’m “Shocked, shocked” — at the reelection of the Empire.”
“There is no shock, nor disaster, nor great change in Trump’s
victory, but rather complete continuity in this transition, in this
(s)election — because there was a perfectly smooth transition, in that
before the election, the Empire was in total control, and after the
election, the Empire was still in complete control.

The candidates to be sure have created the emotion and perception of
great differences between themselves and the supposed rule of the two
rigorously confrontational parties, but the auditioning of the beloved
liberal Hillary and the fearful ‘il Donald’ for the role of
faux-Emperor/Empress/president was only a ‘show election’ in front of
the media/deluded people to ‘show’ the entrenched Disguised Global
Capitalist Empire which mechanism of continuing to fool the people
looked more popular for the coming four year term of this stage show of

So, the erroneous conclusion of the article sounds very brave and
serious with this little caveat, “This is a moment to embrace the
(facade of) democratic politics, not repudiate the reality” (of the

What’s to be surprised about in this amazingly smooth transition?
The faux battle of this faux-democratic (s)election was intense and
emotional — and yet the mortal combatants of both candidates and parties
are overly polite and congratulatory now (overnight, for God’s sake)
which the media/propaganda-sector of this Disguised Global Capitalist
Empire is working hard (“real hard”, as Dubya said) to make this
surprising camaraderie explainable to the media/propaganda-deluded
‘subjects’ of this well disguised EMPIRE.

However, the media is looking lost and saying “Surprise, surprise,
surprise”: just as Gomer Pyle famously said — but the only honest
analysis of this (s)election can be so simply and clearly explained:




Before Bill Clinton, Republicans won 5 of 6 presidential elections. With the exception of the post-Watergate election of one-termer Carter, the Democratic party was dead at the presidential level.

That's what most of the people in this thread want to see again, apparently. Fair enough.

What I don't understand is why not a single person here seems to care at all about the Supreme Court, which will now be controlled by conservatives for at least another generation. It's just an issue that doesn''t matter to CDers, I guess. In fact, as far as I can tell, no domestic issue matters here to a large number of commenters. Say something against Putin or Assad, though, and whoo boy! Lots of "progressives" are ready to defend them..

I don't know who you think you're fooling, but you're not fooling me.


It also applies to voting Green.


What does the name Donald mean?...proud chief, world ruler.... The Empire is going through a smooth transition of power. The Empress is not too happy with the outcome, although she must bow to higher powers than she,that control things. With all this bluster about Donald, it is all theatrics.. Bernie played his role..As did Obama and others....things will calm down as the media focuses their efforts on Trump and his transition to power....And after things calm down, it will be business as usual with all policies still in play.