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In Wake of Whistleblower Warning of Drone Program's Devastation, Air Force Pushes for its Expansion



Odd is it not that in the bombing and slaughter of innocents at Kunduz hospital the USA can hide behind technical failures and human error yet when these drones are the tools used to slaughter peoples they claim checks and balances ensure the strikes only kill " terrorists".


In reading this headline, is there anyone on the left, left who doubts that the Amerikan Empire is a world wide fascist empire that is a military dictatorship?


I don't hate the country, but do hate what the people who have gotten control of it have done to it. The reason they get away with it is because they also control the main stream media. They have made the average person accept being ignorant, some people are even proud of being ignorant. When they turn on the nightly news and the first story is who won on Dancing with the stars, they actually think it is the biggest story in the world.


Nope. Been waiting for more people to realize it, though.


I need to clarify my response by mentioning I am neither left or right. The two-party system is nothing more than a tool that transnationals use to create division and give people the illusion that they have a choice. The only choices we seem to have pertain to consumerism: cars, coffees, tech gadgets, sports teams; nothing of any great significance.


Sadly, there are the deluded, brainwashed masses still bumping along, watching what they call newzzz.
And some who call themselves some form of "left" like the obomberbots, still bow down before the current mass murderer in chief!


When we go to work, paid to kill people by drone because our boss tells us to, we know that civilization is crumbling. I believe "snivilization" (an old cd title right?) is accurate.


Many on the left still think that Bernie Sanders will deliver them into a promised land, and most on the right believe that Trump will once again glorify America with more and more bombs and drones. Too many on both sides still love the military dictatorship. Recruitment offices are busier than ever since Paris and San Bernardino.


This is true about Code Pink but the corporate media has not been covering anything, especially since Obama took office. They covered them somewhat during the Bush years then as far as most people are concerned they fell asleep. Most people are still getting their news from TV and comedy central.



Jim Shea


Yes, sad but true. So many so called liberals that call themselves progressives are nothing but apologists for the mass murderer in chief.


Heck of a job description on your resume.

Q. Previous experience?

Ans. Office Job

Q. Doing what?

Ans. Killing People

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Gambling addiction ?


"Too many on both sides still love the military dictatorship."

And that will probably never end until the military is demonized by the MSM for what it really is.
Until the national narrative changes to: thank you for your service to the war racket; support the troops, so they can support the war racket; it is unpatriotic and treasonous to support the war profiteers and their war mongering war racket; nothing will ever change.

The oligarchs and their sycophants in the MICC and the MSM have controlled their mendacious narrative for far to long and have been able to brainwash too many well meaning, but naive people.


This, amongst the perils of dominance - proof positive.