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In 'Wake-Up Call' for Nation, Study Using Industry's Own Data Finds 9 in 10 Coal Plants Are Causing Toxic Pollution

In 'Wake-Up Call' for Nation, Study Using Industry's Own Data Finds 9 in 10 Coal Plants Are Causing Toxic Pollution

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new study on the dangerous levels of toxic chemicals that nearly all U.S. coal plants are leaving in nearby groundwater should serve as "a wake-up call for the nation."


Hope they didn’t use my tax dollars to study something everyone already knew.


Begin planning Solar and Wind Generation plants all over the country to replace the current Hazardous to our Health Coal plants.

Imagine if you will how many new jobs would be created.

Imagine if you will how much cleaner our air and waters will be.

Just imagine.

And support a political party that has pushed for these things. No, not the Duopoly.

People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.


But I learned something! Prior to reading this, I would have said 10 in 10 coal plants are toxic. You can’t imagine how much better I feel knowing that, of 265 coal plants studied, 23 were not causing toxic pollution. I’m trying to identify the 23 non-toxic plants so I can move my family next door to some of that beautiful, clean coal.


The “Nation” will not “wake up” because they will not be informed about this study. God forbid the MSM should alert the nation and cut into industry profits.


roflmao!!! great point!

Doesn’t matter much if the MSM reports on this. If someone sees it on the 10:00 news, it will be forgotten by breakfast. People are no longer worldly, they have their faces glued to their I-phones and little else seems to matter.
We still depend on our leaders to do the heavy lifting, so we had better have the right ones in office.

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Here in sunny Arizona, there was a proposition on the last ballot to obtain at least half of our energy from solar power. The big power companies got together with the Koch brothers and spent millions to defeat it, so here we are burning coal in the one state where solar makes sense. Lots of jerks (a kind word for assholes) in this state who work very hard defeating progressive initiatives.

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Clean Coal, It’s HERE!

Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, former miners with black lung are being denied x-rays and other desperately needed medical care, not to mention their hard-earned pensions, by the Republican jerkwad governor, Matt Bevin—one of those oh-so-Christians determined that all who suffer should do more of it.

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