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In Warming World of Chaos, Refugee Numbers Hit Staggering Record


In Warming World of Chaos, Refugee Numbers Hit Staggering Record

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As ongoing violence and conflicts continue to grip the warming planet, the number of people worldwide forced to flee their homes this year is on track to shatter all previous such records, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) warned Friday.

For the first time ever, that number could hit 60 million by year's end.

The figures on worldwide displacement are documented in the agency's Mid-Year Trends 2015 report, which looked the number of people who were either refugees, asylum-seekers, or internally displaced.


"Just stop the war."

What a peculiar notion...........

That child has just solved at least 2/3rds of the world's problems. It's a pity that the adults who run the world are such pernicious, malevolent fools.


Yes, and most people really do not recognize this.. .I go to my child's basket ball game and the other parents are so ... just ... I have nothing to say to them... I do not have anything to talk to them about really... I go to watch my daughter... but, if I had my druthers... I wouldn't have her playing really... not for the reasons she is playing.. anyway... I don't know.. I am just ... so .... different than most of the people around me... there are scattered people here and there...that come from the same place as me.... but, ... they still do not open up much or have a somewhat different angle... it's weird... why are we all so ...separated... alienated... from each other..


I wonder if we can include in this number the large number of young men from the USA, of all races, that I've met in Latin America, specifically leaving the USA to escape escalating police violence. Or the growing number of retired US ex-pats fortunate enough to be able to retire with whatever remaining funds left after the big swindle of 2007/2008 but no longer able to afford living in a place they once considered home. But still better off that vast waves of the homeless washing up on American city streets who might wish to migrate themselves.


60 million and it's early yet. Way early. Catastrophic climate change hasn't caught us in a death grip yet.

I mean how many refugees will there be in 20 years? You know that deep down in your soul that the Anthropocene will be the Age of Refugees. If they continue this insanity of endless war then you know that there will be endless refugees.

To survive ourselves the world must change ... must become an unfamiliar world that does things much differently than we do them now.

Predatory capitalism may go the way of the fossil fuel industry if we wait and let climate change ... change the world for us. We should change the world ... because with climate change we all may become refugees with no place to go either.

Lord have mercy on us because we have none for each other.


How did our fossil fuels get under their land?

Their weather problem is bullets in the air.