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In Wars and Weapons We Trust: Military Strength Is America's National Religion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/wars-and-weapons-we-trust-military-strength-americas-national-religion


And cursed be the peacemakers, for they shall be revived, ignored and smeared for telling the truth about war and the profit therein.


The huge military budget is essentially the whole point.

What the average American rube worships is merely the trappings that grease the budgetary wheels.


"…Americans are always fighting somewhere…"

Herein lies the “lies.”

We are told by the puppets of the MIC, the politicians, that we must remain the strongest nation on Earth. Lie#1

Our military has outspent the next 10 nations in military spending for decades.

Our nation above all others, creates fear amongst the nations of the world that they may be the next to be invaded by the United States of America.

Why do our politicians and military leaders create a sense of fear and hatred in the world, rather than spreading Peace, Love, and Compassion for all?

Because the American people allow them to.

That’s right.

Maybe not you or me, but virtually everyone we all know keep the fear and hatred going by the support of the two most corrupt, corporate political parties in America.

Take ownership of your mistakes.

Vow to change.

Perhaps it’s now too late, but it’s never too late to save your own self respect.


When America no longer worships the military, war, weapons and the use of force to enforce its policies on not only its own citizens and citizens across the world, it will no longer be … America. This country’s entire history has been devoted to war. Nothing terrifies or befuddles it more than P-E-A-C-E. Why, peace is downright … unpatriotic. Remember, we have to keep the bombs falling for humanitarian reasons and those un-exceptional folks can’t be free until you lay waste to their shithole countries.


In all fairness, war and religion have always marched arm in arm.
I hate to use an old movie reference, but remember what Sargent Hartman (played masterfully by the late R Lee Ermey) said to his new Paris Island grunts at the beginning of “Full Metal Jacket”?
“God loves the marines! Because we keep heaven filled with fresh souls.”

That line describes perfectly the character of the average flag sucking, bible humping American.


If religious superstition is produced by fear of the unknown and fear causes suspicion, isolationism, elitism, greed, reactionary violence and in short, conservatism, why do we need it? What can religion teach that science can’t?

If the problem is conservatives using weapons to allay their fears, why not say so?

Placing the blame square on conservatives for the shootings seems to be another taboo subject on par with talking about overpopulation.

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Ever since Saint Ron shrunk “domestic programs” nearly four decades ago to hyper fund the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) with Christians supporting him all the way, we are seeing Murka waging a modern day crusade that will be accompanied by a dark age that will last way longer than anybody alive today, just like the dark age of yesteryears.


Methodist theologian Walter Wink famously remarked that the true religion of America is the believe in the Myth of Redemptive Violence. That mistaken view seems to explain a lot of what we see people doing.


Why is it that, in the US, among the major employers of engineers, are the military and espionage industries?

Why is it that many US universities that have engineering programs, have affiliations with the military, while only one, Drexel University, has a Peace Engineering program?

What would happen to the military and espionage industries if engineers took a stand against research, development, and maintenance of weapons, weapons systems,and espionage technology?


Unfortunately… so damn true! In Amerika, blessed are the war mongers and the war profiteers.


Thank you, Mr. Astore, for this excellent article. Please write more like this on a regular basis. This needs to be said over and over again until it begins to sink in.
I can totally relate to your equating the Catholic Church with the US military. When I was young growing up in the 50s and 60s, my father was in the army and I attended Catholic schools. The two role models for me at that time were the nuns and the army wacs. I chose the former, but I was “dismissed” because I dared to question the powers that be. We’ve got to push back against the dogmatism of these institutions and reveal their lies and hypocrisy. Thanks for doing that with this article.


Continue to write about this. Our idolization of things military is deafening. I was reading a statement from Meher Baba, a spiritual teacher who died in 1969. He said " When Christ was mocked, spat upon and beaten, He did not use His powers but He retaliated with love. You should be glad of an
opportunity to be mistreated by others; you should thank them for the opportunity of suffering and loving." ------- He retaliated with love. That is the teaching of “turn the other cheek”, of “walk the extra mile” when the soldier forces you to carry his pack a mile, and to give the shirt when someone robs you of a vest. If people wish to emulate or imitate the Christ they should think a little deeper. “Learn of me for I am lowly and humble of heart.” The first shall be last, and vice versa. It’s a clear teaching that is pretty much ignored, stuffed into oblivion, desecrated by military worship.


American bible believers are very selective about which bible passages they actually believe in. “Blesded are the peacemakers” doesn’t make the cut.


At the top of my front page I state that the AK-47 is America’s God and Death is it’s religion. Posted before I gleaned this.

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