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In 'Watershed Moment,' Federal Judge Allows Emoluments Lawsuit, Challenging Trump's Refusal to Divest Assets, to Proceed


In 'Watershed Moment,' Federal Judge Allows Emoluments Lawsuit, Challenging Trump's Refusal to Divest Assets, to Proceed

Julia Conley, staff writer

A government watchdog claimed its latest victory on Wednesday as a federal judge rejected President Donald Trump's bid to block a lawsuit challenging his continued involvement with his businesses—which ethics groups say amounts to a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution.


Well that is nice, but is not the remedy simply that dt Rump divest from the Hotel, and pay a fine and some paybacks?
Congress only can impeach, and the slime balls will not.


If only, those slime balls, had “any” balls.


They think they do, but there’s. not. much. there.


Are you talking about their brains now?


In ‘Watershed Moment,’ Federal Judge Allows Emoluments Lawsuit, Challenging Trump’s Refusal to Divest Assets, to Proceed — Julia conley, staff writer

But . . .  but . . .  How can that BE???   Everyone knows that the Pigs is 'sposed to be more equal than the rest of us!!!


Does this apply to all federal officers? I always wondered about how SOS Hillary Clinton got so much money from the ME countries for the Clinton Foundation. What happened to the Clinton Foundation anyway?


You seem to be saying “Hey! Hold it! Let the punishment fit the crime!” and I agree. Let us NOT let him simply take the money he stole from his partners, customers, students, and employees to pay some piddling, bullshit fine and call it “Even”.


Lots of people, here and around the world, have been harmed by this beast. Even forests and animals and National Treasures have been harmed by him and his conspiracy in Congress. Also farmers, small businesses, women, immigrants…
And let’s not forget those little children he had locked in cages like hamsters, who may be damaged for life by his psycho-tantrum.

Whose bull is it stomping the shit out of the world’s china cabinet? OUR bull! So, what are we gonna do about it? An owner is responsible for the damage caused by his pet.

We must never forget that We, the PEOPLE, are the REAL judge and jury over the actions of our politicians and their abuses of our Constitution. Good sense says to play our “R” card only in the most dire of circumstances. We had to play that card once before, and it was ugly, but that was the only way left to get King George off our backs. As to if and when that card gets played here again: each of us jurors is on his or her own to vote according to his/her conscience… Ask your own Inner Guidance System.


Better stop Kavanaugh or Trump makes the laws for the future.


Absolutely! From head to foot there really isn’t much there :-})