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In Welcome Gift for Tillerson, Congress Abolishes Big Oil Transparency


In Welcome Gift for Tillerson, Congress Abolishes Big Oil Transparency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An Obama-era rule that prevented fossil fuel companies from striking backroom deals with foreign governments is about to be dismantled after Senate Republicans passed a bill early Friday voiding the measure.


Sitting over here, Hong Kong, it sounds like the undoing of America. I can't get a grasp on how bad or how fast this dismantling is happening. Nations are only ideas and only as strong as those who believe in the idea. Clearly the ones running the country don't believe in America as something valuable to protect for everyone but rather see it as a cash cow they'll milk till it drops. They'll bail out for new pastures and leave us to do - what?.

It's up to the rest of us.


Can we start impeachment proceedings now? So much for draining the swamp and making the economic system benefit everyone instead of the few. Wonder how long it will take his supporters (the ones who are not already wealthy) to WTFU!


Tyrannical Rex and his fossil fuel industry must somehow be non-violently stopped before some climate catastrophe kills us all.

Too bad that there is not some way that all Exxon-Mobile fuel stations across America and the rest of the world cannot be shut down and replaced with charging stations.


Wow, that was fast. My friends and I thought that Prez Cheney and Front Desk Clerk Bush were doing things quickly. How we were wrong. This is light speed. Never have I've seen government move this fast, at least not in my lifetime.


Trump is shaking up the establishment, don't you know!


It is terrifying. The implications of it all. Especially terrifying is the rise to Executive power Right Wing Fundamentalism, White Nationalism, and the rest of the political palette of hate emanating from the alt-right.

This Administration will utilize this movement of ignorance and hate. Bannon, Miller, and side-kicks Spencer and Milo will work in tandem with these cultural neanderthals to attack anything culturally not aligned with their dark vision.

I argued for months that this was a significant danger of Trump gaining the Presidency, elevating racism, White Nationalism, misogyny to the pinnacle of power.

Milo's hate tour is part one of a strategy to get that hate movement grounded in Universities. Trump outed the strategy with his de-funding tweet.

Black Bloc will assist in that cause, as was demonstrated at Berkley. The sabotage of any coalescing of popular movements will be fortified by Black Bloc.

Coming to a protest near you! Bannon might just develop an app for ease of coordination.


I have, once. December 8, 1941.


Of course they did...not surprised, just disgusted and enraged! DJ Bannon (T has been adopted), their exalted leader would require no less from them. Todos son cobardes (cabrones) diabólicos y débiles como su líder.


Well done, P_D!


This is the "Gift for Tillerson"? ...

... the half-a-Trillion dollar deal with the thug Pootin' wasn't enough? ...


You know what the deal with this is and what it means?

A dirty little secret is Big Oil does not pay foreign countries market price for the oil they buy/drill. It is generally much lower than market price, except in times when prices are much lower than normal like they are now to punish Russia and Iran. Thats because these are long term deals for the most part.

But the biggest secret is for example, lets say they pay a foreign government 60 dollars a barrel when market price is 120 dollars a barrel. They sell it to their offshore company , usually located in a tax haven where their ships are registered. This company then sells it to the refinery in the US locking up 60 dollars a barrell in profit offshore and paying 0 tax. The refinery makes a bit of profit but not much and passes the costs on to the consumer. Big Oil only has to pay US taxes on the oil if they send the profits home, which they dont usually do.

In times when oil prices are very low, Big Oil imports less and just uses domestically produced oil , which contrary to popular belief is very abundant since Peak Oil and oils fossil origins is a fraud. Thomas Gold and Russian scientists , not to mention Ukrainian oil wells have proven that which is one reason Russia is a military target and Ukraine is under our control. Read the Deep Hot Biosphere by Thomas Gold or one of William Engdahls books on the subject. Michael Hudson has a nice article on how Big Oil operates abroad having done dome work for Exxon that got him a peak at their books.


Warren, you fraud, why didn't you back Bernie instead of corrupt HRC. Too late now, just shut up.


All this whining the Dems are doing is tiresome. They brought all of this on themselves (and us) by caving decade after decade to the RP, and lacking the balls to stand up and fight. They started crying the blues when Reagan took office, and have never stopped. Even when they had a majority, they never did anything constructive and the RP always got its way. The Reagan era started this slide and hostile takeover by the RP but when the DP embraced Clintonism, that was the final curtain for the DP.


John Katko, New York did not vote??


The thing is, all of this was so predictable but half the progressive Left seemed to bury it's head in nonsense before the election. Clinton wasn't a great candidate by any stretch, but sometimes you've got to vote to keep what you have before it disappears. Water under the bridge of course, but now I see people constantly screaming about Democrats not doing this or that. The fact is, Democrats are a minority party in a Congress that is quickly ditching rules Democrats would use to block anything. More to the point, we have a president pushing his retrograde agenda full tilt. There really is very little they can do.

It's funny, Republicans have the biggest countrywide majorities they've had since the 1920s, but we are still screaming at Democrats. To an outside observer, I suspect it makes no sense.


Hi Lauren, Great article! But the roll call link is incorrect. It points to a Social Security bill, not the SEC bill. It's Roll 72 not 77.