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In 'Wild' Tirade on 'Fox & Friends,' Trump Blatantly Threatens to Obstruct Justice


In 'Wild' Tirade on 'Fox & Friends,' Trump Blatantly Threatens to Obstruct Justice

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Did the president just say he plans on obstructing justice?"

That was how Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) responded on Thursday to President Donald Trump's threat during a "bonkers" interview on "Fox & Friends" that "at some point [he] won't" stay away from the Justice Department's Russia probe, which is being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Tweetle-Dumb has skated above the law all his life, and been rewarded for it instead of locked up long ago as should have been done.  Why should he change now?


No doubt in my mind! The Goebbels Network probably has it correct, but to call it a news show is a misnomer, I would prefer to call it Fascists and Fiends.


Trump seems to have an aversion to legal investigations. I wonder why.


A thought occurred to me as I read this article. If the Democratic Party and the neo-liberals had given even one tenth of the amount of effort into helping the people instead of lining their wallets, as they do trashing Trump, we would have never had him as a President at all. Even now after everything that has happened, they are still the same greedy, shallow, elitist POS they have always been.


Clinton’s lying about a blow job is pretty minor compared to Trump. How stupid, he’s in self-destruct mode.


Oh yes, can’t forget the rue of LaLa now can we?


It’s also not every day that the president shoots somebody in Times Square, but don’t expect much to come from it. The “pundits” will say, “we got him now!” and gloat about this time he’s surely done himself in–and then they’ll forget about it tomorrow.


No collusion with Russian Government or is it the Russian Mob??


Hello! Anybody home?


This is what a grifter who thinks he is a mob boss looks like.


Well, well, well…it would appear that even Fox and Friends is starting to wise up as to what a nut job trump is. Those folks really looked uncomfortable, and deservidly so since they’ve been his primary enablers thus far. You folks have helped to create a monster, now you get to live with it.


If you didn’t see the entire interview, 2 highlights:

3 minutes after attacking Obama’s terrible decision-making on the Iran nuclear treaty, he cites Obama as someone who joined him in endorsing the drunk, Ronny Jackson, to run the VA.

After that he admits that Michael Cohen represented him in the Stormy Daniels NDA situation–which he’d been denying for months. So now Stormy’s lawsuit is all but won for her.

Please, Mr. President, do more interviews!