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In Win for KXL Opponents, 'Desperate' TransCanada Shifts Strategy


In Win for KXL Opponents, 'Desperate' TransCanada Shifts Strategy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a move that environmental activists and local landowners hope puts another nail in the Keystone XL coffin, pipeline giant TransCanada announced Tuesday it will withdraw lawsuits seeking to gain access to the property of landowners who oppose the project.

Jane Kleeb, director of the advocacy group Bold Nebraska, called the decision "a major victory for Nebraska landowners who refused to back down in the face of bullying by a foreign oil company."


YAAAAAAAY! SOME GOOD NEWS ! Yes I am shouting!


As I finished reading the article I said YAAAAAAY! so you took the words right out of my mouth! Great minds think alike! :laughing:


I'm still scratching my head wondering how it is a Canadian corporation is entitled to the law of "Eminent Domain" of US lands. Who in the US Congress stood to benefit the most by letting this cleverly disguised land grab progress as far as it did? What's next ... eminent domain for Mexico based on it's previous, and historical, presence in the American southwest? Los Angeles - are you paying attention?


Keystone must have some reason to believe it can succeed with the PSC, or it wouldn't bother ....

It ain't over yet ...


Depends on the political "sensibilities" of the PSC .....