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In Win for Transparency, Campbell Takes Landmark Move to Label GMOs


In Win for Transparency, Campbell Takes Landmark Move to Label GMOs

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Campbell Soup's announcement that it will become the first U.S. company to begin labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its products garnered accolades on Friday from food and consumer safety groups, who heralded the development as a "significant win" for transparency.

"The decision by Campbell’s sends a clear message to Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association which have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat GMO labeling laws," Ronnie Cummins, the international director for advocacy group Organic Consumers Association, said in a statement.


This is good news but I wish they would also discontinue lining cans with the endocrine disrupting BPA.


I don't eat canned foods to avoid the plastic liner. The idea of eating potatoes that have been sprayed with roundup so the green tops will die and harvest is easier is fairly weird, too. Canned potatoes anyone?

How about some antibiotic and hormone injected beef and potato canned stew? Can you taste the delicious ingredients?


Don't get excited about this. It's safe to say when the TPP passes it will stop all labeling of GMO's or country of origin. The WTO will see to that. And yes it would be better if BPA was removed from cans as well but again, it's unlikely since we will not have health safety laws either. Thanks Obama for being such a two faced pig. Asking for new laws for the people and knowing full well his baby, the TPP will wipe them all out. I can't even look at his face anymore or be moved by his tears. Ha


It seems to me that within a short period of time Campbell's sales and stock prices will skyrocket. Like most folks here i wish lots of other changes could happen as well, but this is excellent news and i think/hope it'll create a ripple effect that will end up with GMO labeling being matter of fact across the food industry.


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This is great. But if we rely on "informed consumer choice" to stop the accelerating dismantling of the ecology, without directly addressing the rampant power of the looting class at the heart of the political economy, we are fooling ourselves.

We need a powerful political ecology movement that understands what's at stake, and PUTS AN END to the rampant power of the looting class, and to the extractivist war on nature exemplified by industrial petrochemical GMO agriculture. "Consumerism" should not be the forum in which humanity addresses issues of economic destruction of ecology.


A real "win" would be removing GMO ingredients from the product altogether


A real "win" will be ending extractive industrial petrochemical GMO agriculture, and instituting intensive holistic agroecology and permaculture.


Who woulda thunk it! Campbells! I haven't eaten their stuff since I was a kid.

Gotta take the wins as we get them.

Here's a link to tell them that yes, you did good but no, GMO's do suck. http://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/connect-with-campbell/


Yes and no.
It will stop governments making food labeling mandatory, but it cannot stop voluntary labeling. And if the companies see that will help their sales, they will do just that, as id Campbell.

Having said that those trade agreements, which give corporations power over they sovereignty of states are poison to democracy

I prefer membership to the AIIB, an economic association, which already comprises ~70%v population (my rough estimate) and a similar percentage of the planet's landmass/natural resources and does not interfere with the internal affairs and laws of the member countries


Why can't we have cans that don't leach chemicals? Their product is still laced with chemicals from can and contents.


The same lawyers and doctors that said cigarettes do not cause cancer now are working for Monsanto and the food industry that says GMOS are good for you. This is a victory, a small victory but it will grow and will not stop until all foods are labeled and the consumer will decide to eat frankenfood. We eat only organic.


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I don't buy their soups, etc. I make my soup stocks from old dead animals, mostly.:wink: This is a win for college kids and old bachelors everywhere, though. :grin: Now, about all that extra salt, added sugar and..... Oh wait, we don't want to destroy all the " flavor " in our food, now do we?


I thought Campbell's moved away from BPA a few years ago.


This may be no more than a publicity and marketing gimmick but, if it is enforced, one we all can certainly applaud and encourage for all food processing corporations.The problem being that these trade agreements preclude government interference with corporate profits. The trans Canada Lawsuit is only the first of many to come.


A day late and a dollar short, Mr & Mrs Campbell Soup ("Personhood", don't ya know.) And what's with the plastic lining inside of of those cans? Finally, what's this calling us "consumers"? Just who or what started the demeaning label of "consumer" on us folks? Boy, if there was ever a bigger "wolf in sheep's clothing", it's you Mr & Mrs Campbell Soup!


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