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In Win for Transparency, Campbell Takes Landmark Move to Label GMOs

If there’s anything to the Chipotle bacteria being of a strain not common to the wild, meaning it was planted, shortly after they announced they wouldn’t be using gmos anymore…(apologies for that) then it seems like a good time (or better time depending on your perspective) to avoid Campbell products. The biotech industry might be retaliating… again.

As to bpa companies that have phased out bpa still use liners like bp not a that just haven’t been proven to be endocrine disruptors… yet.

There’s so many reasons (personal, environmental, political, etc) to avoid these products and plastic in general. Vote with your wallet. Stop giving money to these companies while you still have some!

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By an overwhelming number the people also want country of origin labels on meat.

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At least you can choose, and if they are so great, Campbell’s must be proud to advertise their presence.

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Way to go, Campbell’s! Even baby steps are steps. :O)

I would not use the word transparency as the article did. Are governmental agencies or, heaven forbid, ‘we the people’ going to be free to see their sourcing documents? I don’t think so.

And the voluntary labeling of a product as ‘non-GMO’ is hardly proof that the product is, in fact ‘GMO-free’ unless it is backed up with independent verification.

It appears to be a publicity stunt of some sort and I expect other huge processed food conglomerates to join the ‘voluntary’ labeling bandwagon.

That Campbell’s is ‘willing’ to label the poison that is in their food is some moral or ethical achievement ? It doesn’t mean sh*t. These companies are taking us to the cleaners and feed us the lowest grade crap in poison lined cans.

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A journalist friend checked your Campbell’s story with another news source, and believes your story is seriously misleading readers:

"Just looked up another version of this story. As is so often the case, an advocacy news site overstates, at the expense of its credibility. (And they think the mainstream media is the only liar in the news game.)

Campbell is not creating new labels for its products. It is ending its opposition to laws that would require labelling of GMO ingredients, and advocating for one federal (U.S.) law that would mandate identifying GMO ingredients.

How strenuously is it advocating? We don’t know. How far away is one federal law? A long way. Especially with the FDA expressing opposition.

Campbell has simply stopped spending money to delay and obscure a process, which will be plenty delayed and obscured by others. It also made itself very difficult to boycott. If GMO haters want a boycott, they have to find another high-profile target. Campbell strategy = Mmm Mmm Good. For Campbell. That’s all."

So Common Ground and Sarah Lazare – should we trust you? If this story is wrong, what else to you get wring?

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