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In 'Win-Win for People and Climate,' Obama Announces Solar-Boosting Initiative


In 'Win-Win for People and Climate,' Obama Announces Solar-Boosting Initiative

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced a series of measures aimed at boosting access to solar energy—a move one environmental group hailed as "a win-win for people and for our climate."


Mr. President: What took you so long?


It's never good enough is it?


Everything is ugly if we look too deep....into your mind at least.


You really think this "win-win" is actually for the people or climate? Obama has done little to nothing for the environment or 99% or progressive issues, most all for corporate profits and the BS TPP "free" trade deal Trojan Horse of corporate dominance.
Obama opened offshore drilling, still allows pipeline infrastructure for oil & gas that is opposed by those in danger. The ACA was an insurance/big-pharma delight. The list of betrayals by Obama & Co is long and the likelihood of this being a real great proposal is slim.

NO, it has not been "good enough", its been a fraud and when this proposal and how its structured are examined, I strongly suspect the benefits will be for the few with lots of strings attached and hoops to jump thru for the many........


We have to add more steps like this one to accomplish reachable targets, not the pie in the sky.


Not when you promote "all of the above" policy and wait until the end of your term with the possibility of Republican climate deniers gaining the WH.


Not sure Mother Earth can wait for incrementalism even if we have poisoned her incrementally. This is a climate/ecological crisis requiring radical changes.


By the ones that are still in business in the US or the ones in China? :slight_smile:


We did it here in Canada for free and believe me the money we saved on heat is amazing.


Youre most likely right my friend


May I present President Obamam, who, after 8 years of ARDUOUS AND DEEP contemplation, HAS DONE SOMETHING POSSIBLY USEFUL! Roll up! Roll up! We are SAVED from Global Warming by our wise and noble leader!


It's good enough for the uninformed and the naive.

His actions ARE late in coming, and don't amount to anything compared with his actions to promote fracking, expand offshore oil exploration in previously protected areas, etc. And then there is TPP.