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In Year-End Address, Dying Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan Reminds Public Joe Biden Only 2020 Democrat Not to Meet With Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/year-end-address-dying-healthcare-activist-ady-barkan-reminds-public-joe-biden-only

" You can run but you can’t hide "… got that, Joe?
Reaching across the aisle means reaching into the same filthy crooked moneybag for protection $$$ as The Trumpster and his bunch. Pick a side, Joe. R U a Republicrat? Or, just a lackey for the PTB?
This young man is just one example of the The Swamp swallowing the less fortunate. Why?


Because when you are wealthy and you goal in life is to acquire more wealth your scope is very narrow, Your experiences are narrow and rarely do “the wealthy” ever have any thoughts outside of their sanctimonious covey.

Of course Biden didn’t reach out; Ady Barkan and his activism is far too real for Biden. For one, Ady symbolizes accountability, and Biden prefers to side-step accountability. Two, encountering Ady would mean leaving a huge audit-trail for voters to review, and if Biden is anything, he prefers not to go on record unless he has complete control of the situation. For those struggling to convince loved ones or friends who currently support Biden out of “emotional connection,” I highly recommend steering them in the direction of this brilliant review that explains why and how Biden exploits grief and grieving: https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2020/01/16/joe-biden-designated-mourner/ It’s pretty dense, but the meat of the argument kicks in about 1/3 of the way down; well worth the read, and an excellent analysis of why and how Biden is the ultimate con-man, exploiting his own and other people’s grief to the point of art-form.

Well, ok. I was going to suggest that perhaps, just maybe, he’s not prepared to face a dying man in light of having faced the death of his son somewhat recently. It’s not easy watching a healthy person waste away and become so much less of a functioning being. Very painful, if it brings up memories still raw. For Biden, who has lost more than his share of close family, I would not want to second guess this.