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In Yemen, a Humanitarian Pause is Urgently Needed


In Yemen, a Humanitarian Pause is Urgently Needed

César Chelala

As war continues to rage uninterrupted in Yemen, a humanitarian pause is badly needed as the country spirals down to chaos, leaving the majority of the population in urgent need of medical care. Restrictions on access to medical supplies and care are key impediments in improving the situation of people in need. A five day humanitarian pause would allow supplies and care to reach those people and relieve their dire health situation.


Yes, Yemen's civilians are desperate for an end to the Saudi bombing campaign - and war crimes.

I suppose the US/Obama made "deals" with the Saudis to allow them to attack religious and political enemies, the Houthis and Shia, in Yemen, and also with the Israelis to increase settlements and quiet criticism of the war criminal Netanyahu, as some depraved "compensation" for agreeing to not sabotage the 6 nation Iran nuke deal.
The US/Obama deals also included vast increase in military weapons systems, hardware, etc. The Saudis are allies to all the Sunni terrorist groups including Daesh, AQAP, in Yemen - they do not attack them, only the Houthis in Yemen!



The reality is Iran would be a better ally and trading partner to the US (and EU) than both the Saudi and Israeli extremist regimes!