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In Your Dreams: The Wall Is "Very Very On Its Way," Except for Losing In Courts and Cease & Desist Orders and Besides It Won't Work

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/05/29/your-dreams-wall-very-very-its-way-except-losing-courts-and-cease-desist-orders

From the rticle:

“…a 7-year-old Austin boy who raised $2,200 selling cocoa to help Trump build his wall…”

So then Mexico’s not going to pay for it after all, eh?


That “ladder” link in this article is pure comedy gold.

My advice to Trump: Rebrand this debacle as the “freedom wall.”


I doubt that MAGA early means “Make America Great Again”.

Those 4 letters really stand for ,“Make America GREEDY Again”.
Although---- have we ever as a nation not been greedy? : (

Hi Skeptic Tank…or maybe we could use the frackers idea. "

“Molocules of Freedom Wall,” to go with the Frackers Freedom stupidity


I hear the Tijuana Tall Ladder Corp. is funnelling lobbying money into GOP coffers to make sure the wall gets built.

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I’m just glad they are working on a stupid wall, wait till they want to build a smart wall.

How long before a generic version of this wall scaling device goes on sale in Mexico?

Wow, has special operations gotten lazy in the years that I’ve been gone. Seems kind of big and bulky for scaling a border wall, mechanical ascenders(which have been available for years) would be the way to go, but I get you’re point. It’s kind of like the “ladders” video embedded in a story here a few days ago.