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In Zika-Gripped Florida, Concerns Mount Over Insecticide Use—and Efficacy


In Zika-Gripped Florida, Concerns Mount Over Insecticide Use—and Efficacy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Not only is the anti-Zika aerial insecticide spraying program raising health concerns in Florida and beyond, but the high-rise landscape in Miami Beach may be making such campaigns ineffective, to boot.



So their spraying neuro-toxins over Miami via airplanes to get those pesky skeeters, and it is blowing all around in the air, really. Remember neuro-toxins? It is in Flint, Michigan's drinking water, too. (Lead in water).


The Zika virus was epidemic in Haiti a few months before it also swept through Brazil. This was a couple of years ago. A week ago Haiti reported its very first case of microcephaly. I found this report on a search engine.

Now let's see, Brazil, 1600 cases of microcephaly. Haiti, finally 1 case. These numbers don't add up!

Let's line up some other suspects:

  1. Brazil has plunged into roundup-ready GMO crops and glyphosate in a big way. Glyphosate has been proven to create microcephaly in chicken embryos and in frog embryos. Most of the Brazilian microcephaly cases are in agricultural areas.

  2. Brazil also plunged into the TDP vaccine and they administered it to vast numbers of pregnant mothers two years ago. The TDP vaccine hasn't actually been ever tested on pregnant mothers.

  3. South American scientists are suspecting that microcephaly is being caused by a Monsanto pesticide used to kill mosquitos.

Any adverse side effects of these three suspects might possibly be subject to the influence of state censorship if enough money was involved. Recently, the president of Brazil threatened mass indictments of everybody involved in the PetroBrasil corruption scandal. In response, the Brazilian national legislature impeached that President, an action that completely solved their problem for the time being.

Now we come to Miami. I guess that the poor must die.


The people are innocent lambs to slaughter:

Zika-Fighting Rick Scott Fails to Disclose His Wife’s Multi-Million Dollar Stake in Mosquito Control Business:


Hi Paulk, My research points in the same direction; however, I heard a Japanese corp.'s, related to Monsanto, larvicide placed in the drinking water supply in the mosquito infected areas of Brasil. Areas, where the birth defects showed up.( gm watch.org feb.10,2016 zika).


I'm convinced it's a campaign to kill us all.


Zika is way overblown. There is still no definitive proof that Zika causes those birth defects.


Hi again, The larvicide is Phriproxyfen, and it is manufactured by a Japanese corp. Sumitomo Chemicals who has a partnership of sorts with Monsanto. It is believed that the larvicide in the drinking water caused the birth defects in pregnant Brazilian women's children. ( gm watch.org Feb.10, 2016 zika ).


Thank you, planetearth


Hopefully they've learned a lesson of what NOT to do with the idiotic blanket spraying in Dorchester County, South Carolina.