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Inappropriate Art: "Open Casket" and "Portraits of Courage"

Inappropriate Art: "Open Casket" and "Portraits of Courage"

Camillo Mac Bica

As a Professor of philosophy at an art college, I have spent many enjoyable class hours discussing with very talented and enthusiastic art students the nature (definition?) of art and the appropriateness, acceptability, even the ethics, of certain forms of artistic expression. What I’ve come away with after all this discussion is that agreeing on a definition of art (or of most other things I expect) is not a simple undertaking.


Hell yeah! Demand the vile artist rot in prison for the rest of his life but always respect art, even lousy art like Bush’s. History is an impeccable as a judge of art - and condemns bad art to the trash heap in its own due time.

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Bush is a war criminal and should not profit from this"art",furthermore he shouldn’t have a presidental center

Life without art would be a mistake (to paraphrase Nietzsche); life without Bush would be a blessing.