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Inappropriate In A Pubic Place: Pastors Who Tried To Ban Books In A Banned Book Display Didn't Fare Well So There May be Hope

Inappropriate In A Pubic Place: Pastors Who Tried To Ban Books In A Banned Book Display Didn't Fare Well So There May be Hope

Belatedly but gratifyingly, a modest victory in grim times: Marking national Banned Books Week, the library in a small mill town in Maine set out a display including several LGBTQ-themed teens' books to support the week's spirit of tolerance and freedom. Uh no, said three local pastors, who wrote demanding the removal of the "immodest" images "promoting homosexuality." After a fiery (for Rumford) public meeting, the library trustees voted unanimously to keep the sinful display. The enlightened consensus in town: "Let other people read what they sodding want to read."


It may be inappropriate in a public place, but I don’t know about a “pubic” place.


Now let us pray that donations to the Rumford Baptist Church, the Praise Assembly of God, and the Parish of the Holy Savior dwindle to zero, and that their clergymen are forced to find honest employment.



Please, dear Common Dreams, correct the spelling; change "pubic " to public.

The headline is referencing the identical spelling in the Pastors’ letter to the library, where they wrote that the books are “inappropriate for a pubic setting.”


This was fantastic this happened!


Because a modest banned book display that some library patrons might have noticed while they were at the library got enormous publicity and every kid near that library now knows that there are books there about being an LGBT teen and so the LGBT teens now know this.

It’s called the Streisand Effect.


HI anmintwk and LOL, a “pubic place,”" well LOL that would be on top pf a coke can, " per Clarence the “Long Dong,” supreme court justice. : )

It is stunning that God’s creation which from the start has had a full spectrum of gender realities has been twisted into a polarity of dominance so that the twisted can abuse.

Add to that the ubiquitous chemical soup of pollution impacting chromosomes.
The relationship between exposure to air pollution and sperm disomy
Then there is simply a matter of caring hearts experiencing the artificial polarity forced on society and - quite naturally - finding oneś own inclination considerably more balanced and healthy than the distortions raining down threat, lies and projections as if they were coherent when they are most demonstrably are not.

Given the population explosion, the societal fraud perpetrated by “pro life” that switches off like an short circuited empathy gene when the human being is forced to live in the system that can’t see, much less gain coherence, and the predatory economics it so assiduously works to replace the sound concept of oikos.

Amazing to think of the truth that love, in its fullest meaning, really does make the world go round.

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Thank you for the amusing clarification, Sorry, am on a fixed, very fixed income.