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'Inappropriate, Unjust, and Unreasonable': 300+ Groups Slam Duckworth Water Privatization Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/inappropriate-unjust-and-unreasonable-300-groups-slam-duckworth-water-privatization


Water is life. No thanks Sen. Duckworth.


She’s proving that she’s sympatico with Biden, the right-wing corporate hack.

Y’know, the last time times were really tough, we didn’t sell off public services on the cheap to avoid the expense, leaving the residents with bigger bills. We taxed the rich, and put people to work building or upgrading those facilities. I know this to be true, because the WPA redid the entire water, wastewater and storm drain system of Muskegon, Michigan in 1936. I’ve seen (and updated) the master blueprints for their system.

How is Duckworth’s bill any different than T.rump wanting to sell off Puerto Rico because after Hurricane Maria, he thought of it as a damaged asset to be gotten rid of? It’s actually worse, because most community water systems have been reasonably well-maintained at public expense for decades. That investment is never calculated into the costs of privatization.

Privatization is and always has been a scam, and the justifications for it have always been a lie. It’s all about handing over yet another captive revenue stream to private business.

Here’s a small example. I used to have a girlfriend living in small-town central Texas, and I visited her as often as I could, in between work demands. One evening, I was there when the city council decided to privatize garbage pick-up because it was going to cost them ~ $150,000 for new landfill facilities. That could have been paid off for about $2/mo per household in five years or less. Their trucks were old, but well-maintained and serviceable. But, they did it anyway. The result? The truck mechanics, drivers and waste handlers were all laid off, losing their public pensions. The trucks were sold off for a pittance. Some of the personnel were rehired by the private company, but at substantially lower wages and benefits. The residents bills immediately jumped from $12/mo. to $20/mo. and pick-ups were reduced from twice a week to once a week. Adding insult to injury, the deal required the city to do the company’s billing for them, and the city’s code enforcement office made sure everyone paid their bills on time. And, if the service was bad, in the past, the citizens could always put pressure on their city council members to get the problem fixed. After the sale, who were they going to complain to? The company? Hah!

That’s how privatization really works.


Many thanks for this informed, detailed, very helpful post.

Duckworth for Biden’s running mate!

Sanders for President!


Go dems! Voting blue makes so much difference.



This is straight out of the CIA/Fascist handbook. If communities refuse, I guess they’ll send in the “Economic Hitmen”. Like it or not, the 99% do live in a third world country, truly a shithole.


My guess is that if you follow the money from private water companies it will lead you to Duckworth and the PACs that support her.


And it goes all the way back, to the enclosure movement which privatized the common lands, drove the common people off the land, and positioned the Lords as rent-takers, sitting around claiming to “own” the Earth, and collecting unearned income for their laziness. The word landlord still survives to this day, although it is hardly ever thought about.

The privatizers have never stopped, colonizing the entire planet through genocide, enslavement, the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny, inventing “free market” capitalism, and now with neoliberalism looking to colonize and “privatize” and “own” everything, including not just water but DNA itself through patents on GMO life forms.

We need to tell and retell this story, and fight back, to roll back the privateers, re-distribute “their” wealth, re-claim the commons, and re-sacrilize life.


This sellout and attempted “privatization” of our priceless public WATER by RepubliCon stooge, tammy duckworth, should and must disqualify her for any consideration as biden running-mate - unless of course biden and his DNC “strategists” are planning to lose. Duckworth is a phony sellout - If biden has any chance of winning this cluster farce election he must choose a progressive!
Duckworth has lost any respect she may have had by this sellout and being entirely unqualified, as has damn near the entire DP leadership!

Man, do I so loath the goddamn DP and all its current controlling scum sellouts, and this feckless cow is no different!! Yeah, we’re really “moving the biden needle” to the progressive-left - well, that’s obviously a crock o shite!! Do you see where your misplaced trust has gotten us Bernie!!?

Privatized for-profit health-insurance and care, education, military, environmental protections trashed, and now water sold-off, WTF!? “Privatization” is the theft of the Commons by greed and complicit political stooges!

This betrayal and sellout along the way to this “election” shows the critical need for a third political party to actually represent the people and Mother Earth - so who is going to begin the process? We’ve got millions of people/voters in every state from many different backgrounds, all we need is the structure and leadership and resolve!


Duckworth is a 3rd Way corporate whore.

I skipped that section on the Ballot, and I will again (unless there is a decent 3rd Party candidate)

If she ends up as Biden’s VP pick (and by default the 2024 presidential candidate) we are seriously screwed.


Why do Dems who oppose Republican policy elect Democrats who wish to enact Republican/Democrat Third Way policy?


What is this? A democrat advocates privatizing the water supply so Corporations can profit?

There still people on these boards who Insist the Democrats NOT a right wing party.

This is how the Democrats work. They offer up a policy that appears to support progressive causes so as to get those who claim to be progressives on board and vocally supporting the party for that fig leaf and with the other hand rob the people blind so the Corporations make more profits.

There still have people on these boards defending that chicanery.


I truly am shocked that Sen. Duckworth would be sponsoring this legislation. It makes no sense, based on everything I thought I knew about her. I hope I can communicate that to her directly.


Wow! Well said!! In some ways, the Dems are more treacherous than the Trump Death Cult. How about insisting that the Green Party and the Movement for a People’s Party join forces as soon as practical?


Should Sen. Duckworth be required to drink only dihydrogen monoxide, at a price suitable for that chemical name?


Let me guess…money and power?


She’ll only drink the brand-name patented version—Tier 1.


Excalty zero of our groundwater, wells should be privatized. Water is a common good for communities, cities, states, nations and the people should own.

Why in the hell are we sending our tax $$$$$ to the Federal Government? Grover Norquist and is republican cohorts have wanted to drown government in a bath tub. They’ve been doing a good job of it so where in the hell are tax dollars going? We are be scammed, enriching the privatized corporations who live by socialism. We give them money and they rape and pillage, we clean up their mess’s.


She needs to be removed from Biden list for VP picks


Duckworth? Definitely a non-starter with information like this. There are much better choices for VP that are people friendly and mom approved.