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Inauguration Boycott Grows Along With Women's March Momentum


Inauguration Boycott Grows Along With Women's March Momentum

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Perhaps our Prez-elect will eventually learn that his claim that "can't be bought" because he so filthy rich has a darker side. If he's not 'buying' support for his abhorrent ways, he won't get it. You can't insult most of the people all of the time and expect to be popular/adored as he seems to think he is. 'Sad'.


Go team!


Rep. John Lewis called Trump not " a legitimate president" AND SAID HE WILL BOYCOTT TRUMPS INAUGURATION, but even though Trump called Obama the same thing let me ask: WHY IS OBAMA GOING TO ATTEND THE INAUGURATION?

Mr. Obama, why are you supporting Trump? When you should be supporting Rep. John Lewis who was just insulted by Trump!


Why will Obama attend? (I won't repeat your shouting.) Maybe because he still hopes to prod djt into accepting his advice and example of dignity. Each of us has to decide where our own dignity stands strongest.


Of course they missed the irony of attacking Lewis right before the MLK weekend. They are dull witted and obtuse. They will blunder into a total melt down, watch.


Obama has dignity? How can a proven war criminal that has condoned and murdered many innocent men,women and children with drones in bogus wars have any dignity? LOL!


True. One can imagine if MLK was still alive, Trump would be supporting Bull Connor!


"At minimum, it's time for Donald Trump to start acting like President Trump, not an immature, undignified reality star with questionable friends and a Twitter addiction."

Good quote from a Democratic politician. Voters should have set minimum standards for the presidency and many didn't. Populism gone crazy.


They already have. His name is Sen. Jeff Sessions.


As djt is about to find out, being President is a very tough spot to sit in. No one can make all the decisions the way every citizen would want. But Barack Obama has shown more dignity than all the Presidents since Carter put together. And I would say, a lot more than a pseudonymous commenter on CD.


He was supported by the " broken windows " and " stop and frisk " crowd. Let's get a local version of " broken windows for bankers and landlords " and a " stop and frisk for white rich kids and their parents tax investment planners " crowd; to help police depts. and local home inspectors, building permit examiners and tax examiners level the playing field. Redlining, payday loan sharking and predatory auto lending are crimes, too. Theft and tax dodging are crimes, too.:wink:


For gods sakes, it's a presidential transition. It's not a question of supporting Trump. Opposing Trump simply doesn't come down to such childishness.


Actually, stop-and-frisk was most effective with White folks; though we were much less likely to be stopped, we were even more likely to be found with illegal drugs or firearms.


What wars are bogus?


True. And, in a booming resurgence of rent increases, swaps, building of mother-in-law cottages, short term rentals, et al-- selective enforcement of white crimes, indeed. Rich people don't pay taxes and there goes the neighborhood schools, parks, roads, libraries and in come the cops.
And, sub-prime lending has been identified as a " mini-bubble " for 24-30 months by mainstream economists. Note to DWS- progressive people don't think payday loans and loansharking by casino owners is ethical, either.


It's the visual, peaceful transition that has Obama there, but I empathize with the foundation of your question. Why would anyone lend support either directly or even symbolically by their presence, unless it's out of a need for the peaceful transition of the "office" of the presidency, not the respect fo the person who will be taking the oath of that office? An oath which will certainly be broken very quickly after djt assumes office.


I am happy to report that our congressman Jared Huffman (northern California) will be boycotting the Trump spectacle as well; he'll be speaking to a rally of folks who will be marching in San Francisco in solidarity with the Washington march on the 21st.


Oh really? Ever seen a presidential transition so fraught with dissension as this one? Guess what? There is probably a reason and it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with condoning despicable character traits.


So...Trump insults millions and mocks the disabled and these Congressmen would've attended. Then a week before inauguration, Trump essentially calls their colleague, John Lewis, an ineffective Congressman and now they want to boycott the inauguration. Give me a break!