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Inauguration Day: Letter to a Trump Voter


Inauguration Day: Letter to a Trump Voter

Richard Eskow

We don’t know each other. But today, on the occasion of Donald Trump’s inauguration, there were some things I wanted to say to you as one American to another. (I’m willing to listen, too.)


Seeing how most Trump voters thought they had a choice only between Clinton or Trump, I was able to give them the benefit of doubt until November 10 when Trump started announcing his appointee short lists...lists that were all unequivocally 180 degrees from his populist campaign rhetoric. For more than two months after the election the appointee short lists continued to be limited to candidates with histories of enhancing the 1% at the expense of the 99%. At this point any reasonable person should understand exactly what the next four years will look like and there is no excuse other than foolish pride for Trump voters to not rebel against the guy who betrayed them.


There were only two effective choices: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump was hardly acceptable, but Hillary Clinton is a felon who blew off national security for her own enrichment. I voted, as usual, for the lesser of two evils.


I don't think Trump voters are surprised to find they have been conned. After all, Marco Rubio called him a con artist during the primaries. His "Rust Belt voters" knew about how Trump conned people to sign up for Trump U. And they must have heard stories how he was involved in selling apartments in buildings under the false pretense that he was involved in the construction when in fact his only involvement was the use of his name. And they must have heard about all the contractors who were paid by Trump after he had signed a contract. His voters had to assume the didn't know what they were getting but knew it would be different then what they had under Obama. And then there are the "deplorables" who were not conned at all and are getting the person who wants to deport undocumented immigrants, make Muslims sign up in a registry, spread political incorrectness, etc. Trump also promised to get rid of regulations and his appointees seem to be well suited for that agenda.


Both candidates were strongly opposed by much of their own voting bases. In the end, roughly half of US voters chose Clinton or Trump, while the rest voted third party or withheld their votes. Clinton won the majority of the popular vote, Trump won the Electoral College vote (something like the fifth or sixth time that the candidate who won the most votes lost the election).

Many knew that the Obama years represented our last chance to bring the proverbial masses together, for the common good. We (those who are not on the right wing) are more deeply split apart by class and race than we were eight years ago.


No, not the 99%. There's nothing left to take from the poor, obviously, and only pennies to take from min. wage workers.


And the middle class is up to their necks in debt just to tread water, not even able to propel themselves forward.


Hmm, so sexual assault not a felony or just not your type of felony? And just for the record, what felony exactly was it that Hillary Clinton was convicted of? Oh...maybe none except in your mind?


The author of this open letter to a T-dump voter assumes that they can read. They only open mail from Publishers Clearing House.... (Snark)

I applaud the sentiment but rational, caring, "neighborly" reaching out will not work on the majority of t-dump backers...until they feel the pain and suffering caused by T-dump and his cabal.


it would take maybe less than a minute to find on the net that none of these things are true, maybe, just maybe if you found out the truth before writing this garbage you might be able to call your self a journalist


Can you please cite some reputable (operative word, reputable) sources on the internet which dispute these things? I've seen quotes and actual films of this man doing these things. It's going to be very hard to prove otherwise. I for one am skeptical of your statement.


regarding the reporter with a disability, Trump does the same actions many times when describing someone who is flustered such as Ted Cruz a general , and more who do not have a disability. Listen to a FULL speech about putting a hold on counties that have terrorist ties and vetting them properly there are many out there. Regarding immigrants, do you live in a state next to the border? If you don't you have no idea how it effects schools, jobs, medical . I think one of the things you have to consider is the press just made up stuff, ethical journalism is no longer a thing anymore. Just to be clear I don't consider Trump without fault but this lying the news does just makes me sick.


I am not a Trump supporter, but I think that many people are blaming the victims. When people lose good paying jobs and must take minimum wage positions with no benefits, they must work two or sometimes three different jobs to make ends meet. There is no way possible that these people can keep abreast of news events to the degree that many of us on this site with more free time can.
It is true that most appointees to Trump's cabinet have no or little regard for average Americans, but Duncan, Geithner, and others in the Obama administration were not exactly friendly to us common folk; in fact, the exact opposite. DeVos is a terrible choice for Sec of Education, but Duncan is not far behind. The best point, and perhaps the only one, about a Trump presidency is that people will scrutinize everything he does very closely, something they did not do with Clinton or Obama.


"I’m pretty sure you didn’t vote for a government that’s run by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Streeters, people who care more about their own wealth and self-interest than they do about your well-being."

Well, duh. If that's what they wanted, they would have voted for Hillary.


My response to the citing of the prognosticative abilities of "any reasonable person" in the US is that nobody can know what the next 4 years will exactly look or be like. For one who thinks one knows what the US's social state, its economy, or the condition of its environment will be in these few years, she/he is suffering from what the early Greek's called hubris. Here are some possibilities: a nuclear war with Russia (and its subsequent nuclear winter), collapse of the US's or the World's economy, and/or rapid acceleration of the planet's heating that renders the Earth's climate totally out of control, driving most organisms' thereupon to rapid extinction.