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'Incapable Leadership': Trump Response to Coronavirus Eroding US Credibility Around World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/incapable-leadership-trump-response-coronavirus-eroding-us-credibility-around-world


In August 2015 I instinctually read Sinclair Lewis’ (1935) It Can’t Happen Here. Guess what, it is happening. Portland is proof. Before “Black Lives Matter” reemerged, I thought about posting a sign in my yard reading “Leadership Matters”. The bumper sticker “Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus” is funny in the abstract if one is not personally beaten down by Trump et al.'s cruelty and incompetence. How is it possible that one individual could wreak so much havoc? History is full of examples. The Republicans thought Hillary was inevitable and let the clown take the fall. Oops. This shit show ain’t funny no more. Noon 20 January 2021 can’t come soon enough. I hope he is dragged by his heels from the White House all the way to New York on I95, finally a parade befitting him.


Didn’t “US credibility abroad” hit rock bottom when Dick Cheney’s puppet Dubya declared “You are either with us or against us” as he was giving the command to invade Iraq in 2003 under false pretenses ?


Jeez, ya think? this malignant regime and all who swim in it are so extreme, so over the freakin top, people are taking notice both nationally and internationally.
Under other previous administrations by both sides of the duopoly, the evil, corruption, racism and police brutality/murders, and warmongering have often not been focused-on as they were hidden and/or sold as some whole other thing by our propaganda ministry and its mouthpiece MSM.
Under the pandemic there is little room for deceit to be accepted even tho attempted by trump & co; yeah, shoot-up that bleach or ignore the seriousness, deaths and suffering of millions of families. Bottom-line? this criminal regime of rot, corruption, lies, and overt profiteering, as well as violating every principle of their oaths of office.


Its not Trump’s incompetence, dishonesty, cruelty and narcissism, etc. Take it from a NYer, Trump hasn’t changed all that much. Its the Republican enablers… come to think they haven’t changed all that much over the decades.


USA has only just begun to encounter the fringe effects of pariah status. As our people come to be known internationally as infected Americans, long-term difficulties, truly signalling the end of “the world’s sole superpower,” hove into view. Okinawans were already fed up with US American dominance over their island; now that our marines are the only ones introducing COVID-19 to Okinawa, relations are getting way more tense. US military bases and warships all over the world naturally come under suspicion, as infected Americans pass in and out of such places.


I wish to hell that I will never, ever again see anything in print with Trump’s name, and the word “leader” in the same sentence.

He has never had the ability, currently doesn’t now, and never will have the ability, to lead.

Ever since a boy, his mind has continued to degenerate.


Trump’s one success has been that he has become a COMPLETE degenerate.


I agree WiseOwl, not funny. No more trump jokes for me.

And yes, I hope trump is ousted as well though I think I’ve made my feelings clear about Biden and the dems here so I don’t need to go into that.

But . . WTF is with Fauci? Is he trying to get trump re-elected?

I scanned the headlines today and saw this:

The leading US public health expert Anthony Fauci of the White House coronavirus task force, has said there [may be a vaccine] by the November or even October.

I think he may have said something too about an “October surprise”.

So. . . we’ve got trump (and it seems Fauci) using the angle of getting a vaccine or promise of a vaccine in time for the “election”?

Fauci should be focusing on the shit show that is how the u.s. is handling this without a vaccine. But he won’t. He stands by that demonic cretin trump and now this???

It seems more clear to me that Fauci is an egotistical trump shill that is causing harm.
I maintain that he caused a great deal of harm by minimizing the virus and telling people not to wear masks. Yes, I know this puts me in the camp of the trump wackos! But there is no way around the fact that he told people to not wear masks when that is what should have been required at the start of this virus.

Last week in an interview he was asked about the opposition research being done against him and trump’s dislike of him.

He said:

“I have a very good relationship with the president, it’s quite a good relationship.”

The interviewer went on to ask him how he felt about the president besmirching him to which he replied:

“I don’t like that. I believe the president is not happy about the opposition research” and then hoarsely blathered on attempting to minimize the president’s involvement with opposition research.

I do not believe Fauci’s standing with trump in this absolute f—ing joke of a “task force” is helping. I believe his standing with trump is doing more harm than good.
Especially if he is going to create some sort of narrative that the fall will bring a miracle courtesy trump with a vaccine.

Trump is a public health hazard and a hazard to all life on earth.
A prominent— supposedly well respected---- physician should NOT be silent about this.
And no one can have a “good relationship” with someone as disturbed as trump.
They are not relationships with trump, they are transactions.


He and his family have been threatened. Please cut him some slack as he is in a tremendous bind.


" longstanding push by the Republican Party to withdraw from the world. "

Eoin, not at all true.
You may believe it and you ignore the 700+ billions of dollars republicans and
democrats also - spend on toys for our war department.

This massive waste is to intimidate and impress everyone else in the world.
I am a cheap, frugal democrat and will defend North America for less than 400 billion
dollars each year + continue to intimidate and impress all others in the world.

Education gets the first saved dollars.
Children’s nutrition and health care come next.

Boomers want more but I am sure they have already
outspent every previous generation in world history.

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This is one of the few things I am happy that Trump is making clear to the rest of the world. The U.S. is not a country deserving to have credibility, it wasn’t before Trump too office, it isn’t while he is in office, and it won’t be when he is out of office. We deserve to be seen as a country of incompetents at best, and the largest terrorist organization on the planet at worst.


JFC, don’t start some idiotic conspiracy, Dr. Fauci is the only one, we Canadians and the rest of the world trust…are you otherwise okay???

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Thanks WiseOwl, Caroline needs some “cleaning products” to cure her. A 5 years old one knows better.

Like Peter Ustinov said
“Terrorism is the war of the poor. War is terrorism by the rich”.


According to the Peter Principle one rises through the hierarchy to the level of your incompetence. It requires little to no deliberation of this to explain much about Drumpf, our current imposter-in-chief.

May the gods or other forces of nature have mercy on us all.

(Except the intolerant - Fuck the Nazis!)

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Oh, let’s cut her some slack, too. It’s hard for anyone to stay on top of everything all the time, hence the term Solidarity.

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Amen to that! If not for his Dad’s big bucks propping him up always, Trump would be a homeless guy living in a box on Skid Row & drinking cheap wine from bottle in a paper bag!


So true!

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I comment fairly regularly here and for those that have read my comments I follow data and science. I don’t engage in ad hominem attacks on others or respond when I’m offended by a comment by telling people they should basically drink poison and die which is what your response to my comment implied.

Your response to my post was similar to something trump would say. I hope you think about that. Really think about that.

I have family members that are compromised, including a daughter who had serious lung surgery in middle school----she is now a recent college graduate but her lungs are severely compromised and the rare tumor she had removed could come back at any time. She also has a heart defect.

I picked her up from college in March and we watched in horror when Fauci told people not to wear masks. She studied in S. Korea and was grateful to have lived there . . a place where people are respectful of others and wear masks as a matter of courtesy and safety precaution. She was stunned that during the first outbreaks of covid in the u.s. doctors did not tell people to wear masks from the start.

We watched in horror the sham show that was the “trump task force briefings” which included Fauci and evangelical, trump adorer— Birx who said NOTHING after his insane remark (that you seem to think I support) about (paraphrasing here) injecting bleach in the body to destroy covid or something along that insane line . . . . which you seem to think I need to do (basically kill myself).

If you have the capacity to rise above simple-minded, knee jerk reactions of my critique of Dr. Fauci and actually think about what I was trying to convey you could potentially move to a level of critical thinking that would allow for productive discourse vs. baseless and cruel personal attacks.

I can’t imagine telling anyway here that they need to drink “cleaning products to cure them”.

Wow. That is stooping to a low that I’ve not yet seen on CD comment section.

This is the question Jara_Rank I was trying to raise (which I guess you were not willing to read or try to understand----you just wanted to attack—did you think that was funny?):

Excerpt from article from May 6 (my bold):

“It’s an old dilemma — whether to work from within to change policy and fend off bad decisions or resign on principle”

"But sometimes remaining in the job is morally unacceptable. Sometimes it makes you complicit in wrongdoing."

“Drs. Fauci and Birx are walking a very fine line . … . they need to stay zealously focused on fighting for truth and batting down bad ideas. They need to speak out forcefully to combat misinformation. If they find they can’t do that anymore — if they’re no longer being listened to or aren’t allowed to speak or if their integrity is endangered — then it will be time to go, and to wage their battles from elsewhere.”

Fauci has been involved since the beginning of this pandemic in the u.s.
The above article is 3 months old. Things have gotten much worse with the pandemic. What I highlighted in bold has come to pass. Fauci has been silenced many times by trump and trump does not listen to him. I believe what I put in bold:
then it will be time to go, and to wage their battles from elsewhere. ”

I would like to see evidence that Fauci’s involvement has helped stop the spread and the deaths related to this pandemic.

It’s pretty obvious that we are failing miserably here in the u.s.
Canada ----where you are----has banned people from the u.s.— for good reason.

How would you feel if you were here?

I am caught (like millions of others) with my compromised daughter in this hell hole with a mentally ill president that I feel is using Fauci with his base and it serves as a distraction. It is an utterly sick, bizarre dynamic where he disparages Fauci, goes against what Fauci has advised yet Fauci says they have a “good relationship”.

Again you can’t have a good relationship with a malignant narcissist. Relationships are not relationships with narcs, they are transactions.

Of course I want a vaccine but right now we do not have one, we don’t know when we will have one so we need to focus on what is necessary to stop the spread and get good health care for all.

Fauci should be promoting Medicare for All.

Food for thought:

Are those that were involved with Hitler’s leadership looked upon with respect?
We are still asking today: how could people stand by and let Hitler do what he did?

Would you look fondly on someone who said they had a “good relationship” with Hitler"?

Thousands of people here are dying each day. What has this task force (including Fauci) done to slow the spread?

I would respect Fauci more if he called out trump for what he is: a tyrant and a fascist and a public/planetary health threat. No matter how much he thinks—or you think he’s helping, he will forever be known as trump’s “task force doctor” -----a task force that was in the background as thousands and thousands died and no one stopped trump.

@WiseOwl. thanks for cutting me some slack regarding the suggestion I need to drink cleaning products.

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