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'Incapable of Feeling Empathy,' Says San Juan Mayor After Trump Brags of His 'Fantastic Job' in Puerto Rico


'Incapable of Feeling Empathy,' Says San Juan Mayor After Trump Brags of His 'Fantastic Job' in Puerto Rico

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just one day after the official death toll was raised to 2,795 people and nearly a year after President Donald Trump was slammed for his callous reaction and apathetic response to the post-Maria crisis in Puerto Rico—including a scene in which he tossed paper towels to survivors in an emergency shelter like it was some kind of


When is this psychopath going to be put in prison?


To this malignant narcissist and egomaniac everything he does is “fantastic”. Recently, this pile of dung graded his presidency so far with an “A+”. Of COURSE he did.


The clear citation ‘unable to feel empathy’ points to sociopathic and narcissistic traits that are now widely spoken of in the media.

We face a dilemma in that the entire system sits on a narcissistic platform, its fulcrum, well oiled with marketing and has advertising magnets placed at all cardinal points of the societal compass.

The system is ejaculating mind numbing levels of brutality on which it is utterly dependent for survival.

We have learned that rape is not sex, but rather criminal abuse of power; that police forces armed with PTSD saturated vets equals institutionalized murder; that racism like all ‘isms’ is the intravenous drug of choice being played for all its worth. Late stage colonizing empires are - throughout history - dangerous.

It is, in this society, counter-intuitive to respond to the widespread, ubiquitous abuses by working on being centered, focused and loving as means to trim the sails on a ship of state facing such hyper-militarized fecal mountains and waves.

But there you are, progressives are coming out of the woodwork speaking truth to power and pointing to the 99% starving for integrity, sustainability and fed to the gills with materialistic crap.

Come what may, integrity, diversity, truth, community, and justice are beginning to be sucked in the natural vacuums the system has created.


I am guessing some time before January.


They do not usually put mentally challenged people in prison, but in a mental institution for the insane. But…deportation to Afghanistan’s Helmand province?


But, but, but…only 16 people died in Puerto Rico, as Donnie John so gleefully remarked while in Puerto Rico to give away roles of paper towels to the needy and desperate people. Those who lacked water, food, electricity and medical help were given paper towels!!! So, how can anyone claim that Donnie John is incapable of feeling empathy?


Not that this new study tells us anything new about just how evil “this sad, embarrassing wreck of a man-baby” truly is (thanks to George F. Will for that description). However, it does confirm what any sane person who is awake and paying attention already knows. Very easy to see that Fuckface von Clownstick meets these character traits with ease:

Egoism. The excessive concern with one’s own pleasure or advantage at the
expense of community well-being.
Machiavellianism. Manipulativeness, callous affect, and strategic-calculating orientation.
Moral Disengagement. A generalized cognitive orientation to the world that differentiates individuals’ thinking in a way that powerfully affects unethical behavior.
Narcissism. An all-consuming motive for ego-reinforcement.
Psychological Entitlement. A stable and pervasive sense that one deserves more and is entitled to more than others.
Psychopathy: Deficits in affect, callousness, self-control, and impulsivity.
Sadism. Intentionally inflicting physical, sexual, or psychological pain or suffering on others in order to assert power and dominance or for pleasure and enjoyment.
Self-Interest. The pursuit of gains in socially valued domains, including material goods, social status, recognition, academic or occupational achievement, and happiness.
Spitefulness. A preference that would harm another but that would also entail harm to oneself. This harm could be social, financial, physical, or an inconvenience.


My twisted thoughts, exactly!


Trump isn’t mentally challenged.

Trump is mentally deficient.


You keep saying “fantastic” to describe your job performance - “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” - Inigo Montoya


HMMMM Trump’s speeches sounds horrifyingly like GW Bush on Katrina------ from GOP prez to GOP prez -----nothing changes— I guess GOP really does stand for Greedy old Plutocrats------------With hurricanes , we, the people, see dead people, they see nothing ----------but make up words to make it seems so.


Trump is only president for his political base. No one else matters to him, Puerto Rico doesn’t even vote in presidential elections so to Trump the people living there are not his concern.


All Republicans belong in mental institutions.
Leaders for the criminally insane.
Followers for the feeble minded.


No, Trump is incapable of empathy. He’s a diagnosable psychopath (DSM, antisocial personality disorder). I went through the criteria earlier in an article on Common Dreams. When you understand that, you can predict his behaviors and understand how he sees the world.


What should we expect other than Trump continuously lying through his dirty rotten green slimy teeth. G


We heard of the contractor miscue with the restoration of electric power. How many other contracts were less than good faith and honesty ones.
We remember Iraq and what our government is capable of if no one is watching. G


From the photo on this article, I believe Trump has found something that he is good at.

The useless tossing of rolls of paper towels.

Senility takes many forms.


Why do so many progressives still act surprised, angry, outraged, disappointed, hurt, or otherwise emotionally reactive to 45’s calculated meanness and lies? “Know thy enemy” … Don’t we know 45 by now? He is a snake. Do you expect or wish for empathy or truth from a snake? That would be a foolish waste of your time. Let’s start dealing with the problem at hand, and stop wishing the problem were something else. The only thing to do with a snake is to contain it and ultimately kill or exile it. And if the snake’s enablers can’t be peeled away from it, they will have to go too. I’m all for love and non-violence, but even Gandhi understood that sometimes an enemy has no shame and there is no morality you can appeal to.


No, no chance. The coward escaped being drafted to Vietnam because his daddy pulled the strings that he had " bone spurs" Trump would never allow himself to be deported any where near a war zone.