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Inchoate Anger Is the Animating Force in Politics


Inchoate Anger Is the Animating Force in Politics

John Atcheson

We’ve known for a decade now, that people are fed up with Washington and with politics. We’ve known that they consider politicians to be little more than lackeys to the uber-rich and corporations; and we’ve known that the facts bear them out when we look at the legislation they pass.

Republicans have both created and exploited this anger; Democrats have run from it, but both have fed it. The Republican’s genius has been to direct that anger at government – the only force capable of addressing the injustices being heaped upon average Americans.


Dear govtrackusa, I went to your website-----but sadly, it seems that I must use twitter or facebook to see you. I don’t trust either of thee sites for having actual news , and so I and use neither. Is there any other way that you communicate?


We’ve seen this movie for 40+ years.

Here’s the opening scene: The D-Party feints left.
Here’s the mid-section: A few token lefties win primaries.
Here’s the climax: The D-party moves even further to the right.
Here’s the ongoing denouement: The impotent Left is blamed for all the world’s problems.

The pragmatic incrementalists around here tell us this time it’ll be different. But under their leadership, “Democrats went from a majority party for most of the second half of the 20th Century, to a shrinking minority party in the 21st.”

I say we kill em’ off and start fresh. Hell, they’re killing themselves off…


I don’t get it. What ‘choice’ is it that we the people actually have at this time? Sure, there are some progressive candidates in some areas, but mostly we are faced with the same ‘choices’ we’ve had for decades: Horrible and Almost as Bad.


“Starting under Clinton” ?

It actually started a lot earlier than Clinton and accelerated upon the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation. The DLC’s first “victory” was what Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan 1986 income tax reform”, the most regressive changes to the IRS tax code in history (at least until the December 2017 tax cuts).

By the time Clinton was elected in 1992 “bipartisan” had long since been redefined to mean CAPITULATING TO THE GOP TO GET MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP.

The Democrats became the “shrinking minority party” when Clinton pushed NAFTA into law during his first year in office, resulting in the Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1954 in the 1994 midterms


"There is a world out there where we the people control government; where we send men and women of good will to office who support what the majority wants; where they pass legislation authorizing single payer health care, a living minimum wage, affordable education, tax policies that are fair and equitable, a rational budget with a reasonable defense expenditure, an end to endless wars, protection of our environment and our climate, and racial and gender justice.

To claim that world, we need only show up in primaries and in the general election and choose people who advocate those things."

This is demonstrably false. It would be laughably ignorant, if our current situation weren’t so tragic.

When have we ever ended a war in this country through the ballot box? How did we ever achieve any semblence of “racial and gender justice”? (Hint: it wasn’t by voting.) How many times have Californians, Vermonters, and their elected representatives voted for single payer health care?

People need to disabuse themselves of the myth that coloring in a few circles every year or two and choosing between preselected “men and women of good will” is - or has ever been - sufficient means to bring about progressive social change.

Time is running out.


Hey stardustIBID, I noticed they don’t just track congress, they track anyone who wants to track congress. If you haven’t already, check-out the founders profiles.


The US and Russia are basically back in a cold war. Russia is carrying out a cyber war against the US and the US has been fighting back with sanctions against Putin and the Russian oligarchs. However, what is very different this time around is only the Democratic Party is on the side of the US. The Republican Party having been taken over by Trump is on Russia’s side. To help Putin and Russian oligarchs Trump refused to impose the sanctions passed by Congress. When Americans go to the polls in November a vote for a Democrat will be a vote to continue liberal democracy in the US and vote for Republican be a vote for the US to become an autocracy. I’m voting Democrat whether a Democrat is a centrist or progressive because I am voting for liberal democracy. People can continue to spit hairs when it comes to Democrats if they want but when it comes to casting votes I am not joining in.


To ray and dahlia:

I liked John’s article for many important points he made. However, I agree with both of you in your criticizing the important mistakes John also made in his article. Thanks for commenting on those mistakes and for correcting those mistakes.


Lrx, as a fascist enabler, it’s you and your beloved democrat party that’s been pushing the new cold war stuff and seem to be trying to turn it into a hot one. I can’t decide if you’re intellectually corrupt, contemptuously dishonest, or willfully ignorant. Are you a blind follower or a paid troll?

A couple of Facebook ads equals “cyber war”? Some rather dramatic hyperbole. So who exactly benefits from this “cold war”? Do you own stock in BAE, Lockheed Martin or some other patriotic multinational corporation?

Your democrats sold us little people out to Wall Street and the Weapons Industry long ago (and Big Pharma, and Banksters, and…). Even Sheepdog Sanders takes his cut and follows his orders, as witnessed by all here just a few years back. Heck, with this Russia stuff, you democrats have sunk even lower than the repubs-- and they’re about as low as slimy whale s–t: you take first prize for breathless hypocrisy!!!

“…liberal democracy…”??? Shiiii… …I hope to save enough coin or come into a windfall that will let me buy my residency into one of those someday. Heck, I’d just be happy to be in a real democracy, it doesn’t even have to be a “liberal” one. But for now I’m just another deplorable living in an Obamaville in this sad, sad land of Trumpistan.

And it sickens me that I am stuck here with a–hats like you.


Lrx, those hairs have come pre-split:

  • Russian meddlers, or local leak, as shown by download speeds: split.
  • US “fighting back,” or aggressive across the globe, with hundreds of bases, bombing seven defenseless countries at once, upsetting governments from North Africa to Central Asia and Central America and the Ukraine and darkly advertising a “turn to Asia”: split.
  • War or peace: split.
  • Republicans “on Russia’s side” in whatever sense you intend that, or sanctioning Russia while they push NATO east and engage in military action at its doorstep: split
    *Republican Party “taken over by Trump” or beholden to the “deep state”: split.
  • Voting Democrat supports liberal democracy, autocratic oligarchy, or case-by-case: split and split.
  • “Centrist” Democrats or neoconservative warmongering corporatist oligarchs: split.

Granted, after many decades of voting Democrat, I am no longer of the party. But my personal disagreement is trivial here. The point is that these are divisions within the party itself.

These are different divisions, but divisions of the magnitude that split off the onetime “solid Democratic South.” The official party has steadfastly refused to address them.

In general, it works poorly to simply claim that others’ concerns are irrelevant.


jesus effing christ, this is next level stupid.


I pray your vision comes true.

And I know all too well how the powerful can hack machines, purge voters, spread lies that take hold even if the truth is there to see, control the media, and more. How they can disrupt us b/c they know our every move.

Bernie won. I’ll keep trying while at the same time this old gal is not as hopeful as she once was.


Jeebus, it takes you a lot of words to say I’m voting LOTE.