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Incorrect Fox News Headline Draws Even More Attention to Burger King's Pro-Net Neutrality Viral Video


Incorrect Fox News Headline Draws Even More Attention to Burger King's Pro-Net Neutrality Viral Video

Common Dreams staff
The Internet freedom advocacy group Fight for the Future attempted to draw Fox News' attention to a significant mistake in its online headline about a video made by Burger King that went viral on Thursday.


Much fuss about nothing - a distraction. The Fox headline was misworded but If you read the content of article it was an accurate description of the ad.


I suspect it wasn’t a mistake. Faux News has inverted an event before, to support its agenda. Only those people who actually click on the ad would realize it was a “mistake”.


Agreed. But, at the end of that FoxNews article, try to find some coherence among the FoxNews commenters. What a bunch of wackos…


Except that the opponents of net neutrality do not call it “net neutrality” - who would be opposed to that? So the instead call it “innovation-destroying socialistic government regulation the internet” or some similar bullshit.


“FOX NEWS”; an oxymoron, truth bender, total stranger to logic and reality. There are no honest anchors that are innocent of being propagandist for the GOP at FOX. No wonder we are being governed by a group minority of slaves to an ideology that favors the white racism as a mythical superiority. That is why our present elected white idiot had to undo every executive that Obama had signed. That is why the DACA kids have to live with their present nightmare. Thank you, Stephen Miller, you failure to evolve from Cro Magnon.When these people mouth: (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) they mean only white anglos, preferably evangelicals that wrap themselves in the American flag while standing both feet on the Christian bible defecating on both.


Funny how one of the prime examples of the chain of environmental destruction for profit moons the public. Would burger king ever do something similar for GMO grains, agribusiness cartels, the environmental problems of CAFO being served to those unaware of the vast empire behind turning their “product” into a metaphor for ETHICS?

Connect the above in equal manner and you will have hooked the brass ring on this mery-go-round at the hall of mirrors fun park.

Connect Sociocracy in equal manner and then you’re stargazing at enlightenment.


Well it is Fox “News” after all.