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'Increase the Protests, Expand the Civil Disobedience': The New Urgency of Earth Day

'Increase the Protests, Expand the Civil Disobedience': The New Urgency of Earth Day

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

It's been nearly 50 years since the first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States, but the increasing urgency now at the heart of the global climate justice movement is making the once radical environmental holiday seem nearly quaint by comparison.

The environmental movement has grown in recent years, driven by an urgency fueled by scientific warnings and a generation of inaction.


Please also remember, on this Earth Day, to get away from the static, enjoy some time outside (without that stupid device). Find a place to sit down and listen to the wind. Breathe in, breathe out. It may be naive and old-fashioned, but truly heartfelt ecological solidarity comes from this. As an Earthling, I’m on firmer ground when I’ve had time to check in with Mama Earth recently.


May this movement spread like wildfire and involve all the generations and may it also incorporate the anti-war movement. Solidarity!


Anyone that thinks that we can hold on to capitalism and deal with, or at least mitigate, the environmental crisis is deluded. I am done with the naïve comments about needing a well regulated capitalism. We have reached limits to growth in pollution generation and resource use. Most environmental impacts have no market values. There is no way to operate within sustainable limits without some form of economic planning, above and beyond anything capitalism has ever allowed.

Whatever system can do that all, it isn’t capitalism. The left isn’t the broad group that is taking an ideological position that is belied by the facts. It is the defenders of capitalism, no matter how “liberal” they say they are, that are hopelessly naïve and are giving an ideologically rigid argument.


And speaking of protests and capitalism being more important than ANYTHING:

This is a mirror image of greed capitalist america.
But, unfortunately, americans are accepting it.


I think I see what you are saying Joan, and please help correct me if possible. There are liberals who look down on laborers, public schools , anyone who isn’t in the “in” crowd, etc. They need their creature comforts and their degrees on the wall while they protest for Earth Day because it is an “in” thing. I like those who really are living what they are saying. I like that you are talking about planning economically. We really do not protest as a movement here in the US . People say they are too busy or they are too scared, whatever.


I think those that aren’t paying attention and don’t realize what is coming for us will not be emotionally prepared at all, and they will not at that point be rational or make personal or political decisions that are well thought out. This is a complex issue, and people will flee to simple explanations and solutions. Many of them will flee to safe spaces, and will want a strong leader to save them. The point is to raise awareness now about what is coming, to be honest with ourselves and to challenge those driving us to extinction. Contrary to what many “liberals” (whatever the hell that word means) might think, a person that acknowledges the science but doesn’t support policies up to the challenge are no better than people like Trump. In fact, I would argue that they are worse.


I see what you are saying- I think- blowing hot air and just protesting without a plan that is rational and practical as well . Not just showing the science, but actually how to use it. It has to be more than just signing up people for solar use ( panels can be very expensive). Also, how to present that to an aging population that might not have the money or the time to change? Plus utility companies that use green energy services tend to charge more. All very viable issues. Plus, what about transportation, public transportation, car pooling etc.? I like your idea of raising awareness,

This always knocks me out: The liberal who protests, yells, even recycles ( well okay) then travels in between his or her three houses. Yup. Or the ones who ( just for pleasure) fly all over the world, then complain that we use too much fuel. Yup.

Well it’s always been about the survival of the fittest .
That’s why thousands of children die needlessly every day in poverty with no access to basic necessities.

The problem is humanity’s cultural story ,what it believes about itself .
Until we change the story nothing will improve .The story tells us we are separate from each other and the divine and we are inherently evil, combine this with the thought there is not enough of the stuff life to go around and BAME !!! …on your ground reality is well hell on Earth .
Time to Awaken The Species ,choose a new story to guide our civilisations .
We Are All One could be used as a guiding principle …this is how highly evolved society’s choose to consciously evolve .
Humans must move from a primitive system based on fallacy and myth to consciously putting in place what works so we can evolve .


Greenland is melting so fast that it’s[ already raising sea levels, a new report says. Scientists say Greenland’s ice loss has increased sixfold over the past 46 years, which is much faster than originally thought. Since the early 1970s, Greenland’s ice loss has added about half an inch to the global sea level, and the island’s ice sheet is the leading source of water added to the ocean every year. That’s bad news for places like Hawaii’s famous Waikiki Beach. Rising sea levels could [put it underwater in about 20 years.


We already know that- the point is: setting examples and finding solutions. We also have an extremely overpopulated planet with the macho and stupid types denying abortions and birth control

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Here’s something- if you know of people who are in poverty put a face on them. If you can help them personally like donating to a food bank. Saying things in abstract like “the poor” will not put a face to this.

I’ll stand on the mountain tops and in the streets beside you preaching this message.

It is very simple: Capitalism’s survival depends on increasing growth and profits or it dies. The inherent nature of Capitalism doesn’t allow any attention to be given to the affects of non-stop growth, the depletion of natural resources, and the constant cutting of expenses to produce greater profits … one quarter after another.

The whole system of Capitalism is build around profit and accumulation. The inherent waste (raw materials, human, unneeded inventory, etc.) of the non-planned production of products and services associated with system is criminal and makes our planet unsustainable.

If you don’t believe me about the waste, visit your local paper recycler. The volume of paper that was meant to be used – but not used – can be measured in hundreds of skids. This is especially true of advertising materials. This waste has a dollar value. You and I are paying for this cost of waste in every purchase we make.

In bottoms-up, democratic planning based on the needs of the people according to the self-defined needs of each person and family, these types of waste will not occur. If a product or service is needed, it will be available. If the product or service is NOT needed, its production will not exist.

For those interested, this is fully explained under Participatory Economics … one of the available theoretical systems of the Next System.

Thank you for making the case so simple to read and understand!

People and planet over profits.

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Shouting will not cut it, but leading by example will. You probably do this already- but perhaps donate to an animal shelter or a food bank. Support local businesses, and table for population connection- we need negative population growth.

And for pete’s sake people- stop having kids and urging your kiddies to have grandchildren!