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Increased Border Security Is Why So Many 'Dreamers' Are Here In the First Place


Increased Border Security Is Why So Many 'Dreamers' Are Here In the First Place

Ana Minian
Before Congress passed immigration reform in 1986, making border crossings more difficult, few migrants moved their families into the U.S. from Mexico and Central America


“Though crossing the border was risky enough that women and children tended to avoid it, migrant men would cross it regularly. Rather than settling permanently in the U.S., Mexican men would engage in circular migration. They would head to “el norte” to make money, work there for limited periods of time, return to Mexico to be with their families, then head north again when they needed work. Their wives and children would remain in Mexico, waiting for the men to send remittances and return home.”

I lived in Texas in the 80s and will absolutely verify this. Having participated in development work along the southern bank of the Rio Grande, it was very apparent when the men were and were not there. Most that I met worked in the agricultural valley north of the river and worked very hard and did not frivolously spend their earnings. Their work ethic and family values would kick most any GOPsters’, that I know.


Yet more proof what an idiot that drooling old fool was!


Excellent article! This, the history of migration, has never been explained to most Americans, thus never understood. The situation now is the direct result of our politicians’ propensity for adopting solutions to a problem that they don’t even understand, or even try to understand.

Our politics is geared toward simpletons, who naturally favor simple solutions.


Yeah but, don’t you think that the simplest solution was to do nothing back in '86 when they decided to change it? My father used to say if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it – that’s what the problem is now, with the immigrant ‘problem’ – they’ve been trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

And I agree with your take on this article – it is excellent, especially how the author explained how we just made the immigration problem worse each time we tried to ‘fix’ it.