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Increasing 'Potential for Catastrophe,' Trump Adds Raging Islamophobe to Team


Increasing 'Potential for Catastrophe,' Trump Adds Raging Islamophobe to Team

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly added Frank Gaffney—a former Reagan official and Islamophobic conspiracy theorist—to his transition team to weigh in on national security issues.


Yeah! Psychopaths r us! The pathological liar in chief says everything is just great as he betrays American tolerance and inclusion for hatred, racism, bigotry and exclusion. We had an Alzheimer Prez and now a possible coke head (what was all his sniffing in the debates?) - explains a lot - drug induced mental illness in addition to several ordinary mental conditions/pathologies, together with the people surrounding and "advising" Trump is a clear and present danger to our republic and the entire world..................yeah, he will be the "best Prez America ever had".......


Just asking: Fascist Germany had their Jews; does fascist, Amerika have their Muslims?


This individual's views appear to indicate early onset dementia and paranoia. Maybe he should have a complete evaluation before being allowed any responsibilities.


For 15 years, American Muslims have been mostly trying to keep their heads down.


I don't see why trump needs all these individual anti-semite, anti-muslim people. He has Bannon who is anti-everyone who is not a white racist. That covers it all.


and Mexicans and gays and women and Native Americans and African Americans etc.......


the bright side is the racists are outnumbered.


These people around Trump are radicals. The long time Republicans know this stuff isn't going to fly with the public or they would have already been doing it. The more insane the people around Trump are, the more likely he will be impeached or lame ducked. The long timers like McConnell would like to keep their seats after this debacle, so I doubt seriously that they would risk their own seats to support Trumps craziness. Hell, most of them hate him anyway.
Then there is the overreach factor. The Dems did it and lost. When the Trump clan do it they will self destruct, do something illegal or impeachable and he's gone.


Here is something I ask that you consider to to help conter islamophobia. My brother and his partner in Toronto are trying to reunite a Syrian Refugee family. They sponsored the mother Sinaa but need help getting her daughter Loujain over - it takes a lot of money. Thanks!


Optimist. I will name two people. Hitler: Stalin.

History is being repeated in the USA. Most people will keep their heads down. The USA now has a militarised police force, superb surveillance capabilities, wide-spread police-state legislation and a bunch of ruthless bully boys running it.


Unfortunately, he has been giving us something to fight about all along. I mean, have we not figured out yet that he is the most hateful, racist, misogynist, bigoted, narcissistic, and unqualified name to ever win this office?

What more do I need?


"Raging Islamophobic Conspiracy Theorist"
fits well with
Raging Global Warming Chinese Conspiracy Theorist


You left out sociopath and psychopath.