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Increasing Pressure on Europe to Salvage Nuclear Deal, Iran Announces Plans to Exceed Uranium Enrichment Cap

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/07/increasing-pressure-europe-salvage-nuclear-deal-iran-announces-plans-exceed-uranium

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Daily climate catastrophic floods, tsunamis, massive fires, hurricanes and increased production of fissile material are the results of human greed, waste and stupidity.

The fact that Iran is pushing back against the terroristic sanctions is inspiring. Finally a state is acting against the intolerable empire. If any European “leader” has influence over the dump now is the time.


For a nuclear weapon, uranium must be enriched to at least 90%:

Iran’s uranium enrichment programme: the science explained | World news | The Guardian

Count on the neoconservatives who want to bomb Iran and the corporate media to ignore this inconvenient fact as they continue to demonize Iran.


Not a fan of neoconservatives and the corporate media. Saw this: “Under the nuclear deal, Iran is allowed to enrich uranium only up to a 3.67% concentration, to stockpile no more than 300kg (660lbs) of the material, and to operate no more than 5,060 centrifuges. Iran would need roughly 1,050kg of 3.67% enriched uranium to be able to produce enough weapons-grade material for one bomb.”

Source: BBC

Honesty from Iran, deceit from the U.S.

How can Europe align themselves with hate?


Trump, Pompeo and Bolton are probably very happy because now it looks like they will get to attack Iran, which has been their plan all along!


Yes, but it will not go as planed.



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What should be galling in all this is that the US has no credibility–it was the only nation on earth to have actually dropped two atomic bombs over crowded cities in Japan and which honed its economic terror skills in it wars on Native people. The US America continues to have the largest arsenal of WMDs.


The bottom line is… it’s clear the Dems will sit on their hands again and allow the Warmonger Repigs get the War they’re itching so bad to get, whether we like it or not…One way or another, there Will be an Extinction Event!


More like complicit loyalty.

“Loyalty” does not justify war crimes nor does it mitigate responsibility for those who do or order the crimes against humanity which have driven US and Western economic expansion. Negligent Complicit Ignorance is the best I can say for those obeying the Empire’s orders.



Negligent Complicit Ignorance works for me.

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Operation mockingbird went global at some point and Europe’s “news” channels are therefore pushing the exact same BS narratives as their American counterparts.
On the whole Europe may have a much higher standard of education but when it comes to foreign policy, especially in regards to America, they are as ignorant as your average American.


Finally, somebody stating the obvious about which nation (and really, which religion) as ACTUALLY USED REAL WMD.

Sorry for yelling :slight_smile:

How about just having the guts top stand up to the US terrorists?

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If the thought that Iran making enough Uranium to make one bomb is enough to make America risk ending the World, then why isn’t our vast nuclear arsenal sufficient deterent, and how stupid would spending another $4 Trillion to make it scarier be?


In the long term, this could be seen as the EU’s appeasement of the USA, just as Chamberlain infamously appeased Hitler in 1938. I wish the EU would stand up to the USA’s unilateral policies.


Would be marvelous to see EU bite the bullet and defy the US by resuming full trade w Iran.


Gee, Israel has a nuclear arsenal, why don’t we have economic sanctions on that country as well … after all, Israel (who stole nuclear secrets from the USA) refuses to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.