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'Incredible Green Wave' in French Election Celebrated as 'Mandate to Act for Climate and Social Justice'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/incredible-green-wave-french-election-celebrated-mandate-act-climate-and-social

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From the article:

“…much of the important work done by the Greens is at municipal level. This is where they show that they can govern. And this in turn shapes the national landscape.”

US Greens, take note. And while I’m on the subject, another way to build the party is to show up in support at other groups’ demos while indentifying as Greens.


After the rise of right wing neo-fascists, it’s good to see gains by progressives. Hopefully similar progressive gains will take place around the world.

With respect to France, I wonder if the victories of Les Verts will impact the French energy sector. I think Les Verts have opposed nuclear power, or at least called for a referendum.


Most of the world is on the Green bandwagon. Just not here.
But that follows with most of our lack of infrastructure investment.

Just ask yourself, what has my community done to improve or invest in infrastructure projects?
We can’t even keep up with road repairs.
Humor. A VW bug drove over a local pothole and was never seen again.


In my experience, there’s never enough pot in those holes.


It my opinion that here in Canada , the Green Party should work alongside the NDP party as allies.

What does this mean? It means look at ridings where the Green Party and NDP both do well and then have one of the parties drop out from running a candidate there. When they split the vote neither side gets the seat. If there only 1 of the two parties running in said riding the chances go up that both parties win more seats overall.

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I thought I had read that the Green Party of France had softened its stance on a complete elimination of nuclear power (to line up with a relatively favorable public view - at least in the past) - but I can find no reference for this. All references point to their position still being to get rid of it. I never found the actual platform (my French is pretty rusty, but I’m sure I could have figured it out had I found it).

I will be interested to see articles on this going forward. I’m not a fan of any pre Gen IV design including those in France though they do have better records than most other countries and I recall they had done some interesting work on trying to turn waste into glass (vitrification) which would make it less soluble in water allowing for more confidence in long term storage. I have not heard France ever listed as countries that are participating in Gen IV development (Canada, China, Malaysia were the countries I heard of).

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While most of this nation’s voters are addicted to “Corrupt Pachyderms and Complicit Asses,” the Green Party goes on advocating for "People, Planet, and Peace."

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