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'Incredible': Hundreds of Harvard and Yale Students Storm Football Field Demanding Divestment From Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/23/incredible-hundreds-harvard-and-yale-students-storm-football-field-demanding

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Just for starters; Look at what the endowments and philanthropic foundations in support of corporatist agriculture and renewable energy plus flat screens are doing in Africa and elsewhere.


Expect the usual pro-corporate suspects to really decry this soon lest this catch on at other campus’. The last thing they want is a social / protest reawakening of college campus’ on the issue of fossil fuels divestment. Divesting from fossil fuels has become the #1 client request reported by professional money managers, supplanting tobacco. If big institutions follow what the smart money has been doing – shedding the dirty carbon, then a big tobacco style inevitable economic diminution is in the cards. When that happens, in combination with more technologically advanced competitors, an inevitable decline ending with shutting down the business happens – ask the Pullman Company about that.


The changeover will come, as soon as the 1% control and profit from the alternative energy field. And it is coming. In 2014 I drove across country along the southern route and all I saw in West Texas were thousands of wind turbines, turning fast and furiously. Let’s hope it’s in time to save our butts. Even the Eli’s and Crimson Tide see the benefits to act now.

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Said changeover will occur when enough of the 0.01% decide that those amongst their number whom comprise the upper echelons of the fossil fuels mafia must not be allowed to mess it up for the rest of them. Far too many of them are still quite reticent to go on the record a la Elon Musk, but it appears as if the key for them to monetize alternative energy is in storage and distribution.


LOVE this show –

At a show where the only thought is violence – male violence – which still so
strong influences our societies.

Demanding Divestment From Fossil Fuels
Students and alumni also demanded that the elite universities cancel
their holdings in Puerto Rican debt.

"Drew Hammel, a Harvard student, told the New York Times that the goal of the demonstration was to “put increased pressure on sources of power at Yale and Harvard and make them realize that this is a student issue.”

Conveniently, as “Skull and Bones” provides the model of Elites supporting Elites and their interests, Elites aiding one another in gaining power in our governments, they do as Our Founders did in enriching one another and ensuring their opportunities, successes and wealth.

This was an absolute disgrace. Go ahead and protest whatever you want. It’s a free country and we have free speech laws. But what these narcissistic protestors did was completely illegal and infuriatingly disruptive. They all should’ve been arrested immediately and the school should’ve come down harder on all of them. Period. The only reason why you all are happy about it is because you support their cause. If, say, I told you a bunch of Trump supporters rushed the field to protest illegal immigration, I think you’d decry it immediately. And you should. It would be just as illegal, narcissistic and disgusting.

When you rush an NFL field you get arrested immediately. All of these people should have been too. And the schools should’ve said that any organized group that pulls this stunt again risks immediate expulsion.

I genuinely feel sorry for you. Extinction is apparently a non issue, a political mote, mere dust as in of no importance or significance for you. So with that mindset- of course you’d be enraged that your football game was disrupted momentarily. For you the protest was but a game and not an urgent plea for sanity and actions to save us and earth. And you are probably correct in assuming people would be angered were a game disrupted by those fervid over illegal immigration. Your reach does not see the absence of birds, insects, polar bears, elephants and zebras, does not see or hear the massive uncontrollable fires, does not hear the vicious mauling of lands by tornedos, does not see the bloated corpses of humans and dogs caught on rooftops barely visible above the floodwaters burying entire cities, does not see the millions starving from lands too hot to grow wheat and corn. No you do not get it. And from what I have read and witnessed in my long life, you won’t get it until it all comes to you, captures you and your
dearests.Your rage Can be a creative force but it depends on what you are choosing to let it serve. More law enforcement to keep people out? Or Life itself - this beautiful deeply injured Earth?

Elenarose -

There are real security and other concerns. You have hundreds of people on the field in a charged environment. While their protest appeared peaceful, how are we to know their actual plans? Also, forcing players to stand around on a cold day increases the risk of muscle pulls and other injuries. Finally, there were real costs to ESPN. Who will bear those costs?

One reason that direct action can be a powerful form of protest is that those involved recognize that there will be a significant penalties for their actions. Their willingness to make personal sacrifices illustrates how important the issue is to them. If there is no significant penalty, the action becomes merely one of many possible means to get attention, albeit one that has significant consequences for others.