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'Incredible': New Poll Showing 70% Americans Supporting Medicare for All Includes 84% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans

'Incredible': New Poll Showing 70% Americans Supporting Medicare for All Includes 84% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans

Julia Conley, staff writer

As its progressive wing and a groundswell of new and energetic candidates continues to move the Democratic Party to the left, a new Reuters poll out Thursday shows that support for a key plank of this insurgency—Medicare for All—has hit an all-time high with 70 percent of all Americans now in favor of a such program, including nearly 85 percent of Democrats and a full 52 percent of Republicans.


Why aren’t Independents being polled?

They outnumber both parties of the Duopoly.


“The new poll numbers come less than a week after CNN 's Jake Tapper released a “Friday Fact Check” segment claiming that a study by the Koch brothers-funded Mercatus Center concluded that Medicare for All would cost more than the current healthcare system, ignoring the report’s finding that it would actually save the U.S. $2 trillion in overall healthcare costs.”

Watch Jimmy Dore take on Tapper here:


Does it really matter what the people want? Obviously some of that 70% are republicans. If they don’t vote different nothing changes. Bought off politicians still do the insurance companies bidding… I know, something doesn’t quite add up here. G

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They are being polled - but not all news stories cover that. If you want to see the Results of the Reuters/ISPOS poll you can go to their website. For this poll the relevant link is

On the left menu you can ask for the results to be broken down by any number of variables including party affiliation.


will the democratic establishment push medicare for all?

from The Intercept on Aug 2


The Healthcare Leadership Council has closely tracked what its lobbyists have described as the “leftward movement” within the Democratic Party. In Hawaii and other states, the lobby group wanted to know if ideas popularized by Sen., Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. — such as aggressive proposals to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals and institute a single-payer health care system modeled on Medicare — were taking hold.

The council, which spends over $5 million a year on industry advocacy and brings together chief executives of major health corporations, represents an array of health industries, including insurers, hospitals, drugmakers, medical device manufacturers, pharmacies, health product distributors, and information technology companies.

Health insurance whistleblower Wendell Potter previously worked closely with the Healthcare Leadership Council. Potter later leaked documents detailing a health insurance industry plan to stigmatize single payer during the 2008 election, hoping that scare tactics would dissuade successful Democrats from championing the idea. The anti-single-payer plan included outreach to moderate Democrats at organizations such as the Progressive Policy Institute — the think tank arm of centrist group Third Way — to position the idea as an extremist threat to the Democratic Party. The plan called for supporting groups that would broadcastsupposed “horrors of government-run systems.”

The Healthcare Leadership Council also served as a coordinating organization for health industry lobbyists to launch attacks against President Bill Clinton’s push for a national health care plan in 1993. During the debate over the bill, industry organizations sponsored misleading campaign commercials to mobilize mass opposition to the policy.


Doesn’t matter what the voters want. The owners of the politicians want to keep borrowing for more war. They borrow trillions, give the the cash to Raytheon and Boeing, and the voters pay the loans PLUS INTEREST. NO funding available for medicare. Sorry


The American people want nice things.

But the D-party has to ask what Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, and Heidi Heitkamp want.


Over 50% of Reps are for Medicare for all? Then why would they ever vote Republican, since their representatives will only enact cuts to Medicare, along with all the other crap they do.


Some good news, too bad it will probably make little or no difference as in my view, these polls are irrelevant to the greedy, elite, insurance lobbyists that control Con…gress.

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Universal not-for-profit expanded and improved Medicare (or an equivalent) is what this nation and its people want and need! The for profit health industry is a blot on humanity, and the politicians in bed with those greedy MoFo’s worse!

The establishment and politicians want big-money that the SCOTUS sez equals free speech and now our elections are a free-for-all of campaign contribution bribery - of both parties. Follow the money - who “donates”.to who, and what they get for it! Votes to continue their greed and rip-offs!

this is an issue “Democrats” could and should support but the “leadership” establishment don’t…why? Because of the contribution bribes and the quid pro-quo!

You hear this you DINO sellout swine? Schumer, Pelosi, Clinto clone Sean Maloney, and all the others who are complicit to the health-care insurance/big-pharma/ corporate hospital fraud and theft from America! All those and others are NOT for the (at least) 70% that want reform and action!!

There is nothing quite so revolting and infuriating as a DINO Dem sellout who talks big, makes BS excuses and claims some phony rationale for why they don;t support healthcare for all, like HR-676…



Off-topic here, but other thread “temporarily closed” and i wanted to reply to your other post:

Agreed. Not sure why CD does not disable the blatant disruptor’s account. Thread has now been temporarily closed three times. What gives?


Joe Manchin is a Republican in Democrat’s clothing. He wants what Trump wants, to end the ACA & abandon Medicare For All.

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Technology will invariably turn these polls into binding referendums. See cellphone voting with blockchain:


No idea Web, but I agree. CD should act on such blatant disinformation and right-wing propaganda, and I don’t know why they have not…there has been more than enough justification to protect the integrity and CD community.
His parroting the right’s talking heads on their spurious slander against Rachel Carson was proven patent lies and BS in the linked LA Times piece. Publishing clearly phony-false propaganda shouldn’t be tolerated by CD as some people often believe what they read, not going further to see what the truth.is. Another right-wing ego trip nutter doesn’t inform, it destroys…keep the faith!

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Tapper is not a very convincing liar.

Medicare For All is a measure of this democracy.

Democracy doesn’t exist for the health care profiteers. Sell out Democrats will have to get that through their heads.

U.S. Medicare 2011:
People covered: 48.7 million.
Total Expenditure: $549.1 billion.

Australia Medicare: Financial year 2017-18
People covered: 24.7 million (all citizens and permanent residents).
Total Expenditure: $A23.2 billion ($16.87 billion)


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Probably because the establishment have been working very hard to marginalize and disempower anyone who refuses to partake in the kabuki theater that is america’s electoral politics.
You are meant to believe that they are an insignificant minority, and that no one who “matters” pays any attention to them.

Only the greedy will insist that single payer health, and addressing global warming are not worth pursuing. G