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'Incredible News for Bees': Court Rejects EPA Pesticide Approval


'Incredible News for Bees': Court Rejects EPA Pesticide Approval

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) approval of a controversial pesticide, saying the agency violated federal law by giving a green light without obtaining or reviewing reliable studies on the neonicotinoid's impact on honeybees.


Bee happy!!!


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Whoever in the EPA rubber-stamped that approval should be looking for work right about now. No vetting, no reading, no research and with piles of studies that directly implicate neonicotinoids in the decimation of bee populations, the idiot at the EPA approved the PEST- i - CIDE...BEES are NOT PESTS and do not deserve to be poisoned. Dow must have spent a bundle on vacations in the Caribbean for EPA folks. What was Dow Chemical's commercial jingle years back, "Good living through chemicals." We can see how that has played out....


As a person that still eats several times a day, I say praise Mother Nature and pass the peas!


A drop of reason in the bucket of insanity!


Immune systems around the country can catch a breath of semi fresh air! Whether bee's, human's or plants!


Finally, acknowledgement that we are not the only bee-ings on the planet!



Just another case of dollars over sense.


This is a beginning. Now, ALL neonicotinoids need to be rejected for use until it can be demonstrated conclusively that they do not negatively affect bees and other pollinators. Of particular concern is the widespread use of this family of pesticides prophylacticly, rather than their selective application to address specific infestations. Coating seeds with neonics insures the presence of these insecticides throughout the adult plant tissues, including the pollen, and the indiscriminate demise for any insect that might feed on that plant.


Somehow... we need to get the corporatists on the run.


Aside from my inability to comprehend why a reactionary like you spends time at Common Dreams...

You're very confused about agriculture, and food, and the actual impact of the industrial commodity
agrochemical system on yield.


Like i just wrote to Seatower:

Somehow, we need to get the corporatists on the run. The fact that we've gotten to a place where the precautionary principle has been thrown out the window to serve the short-term profits of predatory extractivists... against the fundamental interests of life on Earth including human life... it boggles the mind.


Has anyone seen who actually runs the Monsanto Criminal Cartel.
I want to see their faces.

Who the he_ _ is the CEO and why does he run rampant.

If we really personalize the actors, provide historical, show the idiots
for what they are, it will ring true to the people.

Problem is I hate to dig through trash receptacles.
Researching Monsanto, et al makes me sick.


I CAN tell you that Hillary used to be one of their lawyers.