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'Incredible' Winter Flooding Along Mississippi River Could Be Historic


'Incredible' Winter Flooding Along Mississippi River Could Be Historic

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As 2015, on track to be the warmest year on record, draws to a close, flooding in the U.S. Midwest is approaching record levels and has already claimed the lives of over 20 people.


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"Nobody who is living has ever seen anything like this!"

Now there is a quote and a half. Reading that I felt like I was in some 1950's Horror apocalypse movie where the end was nigh and giant ants would come next or something.

No giants ants but the ant is hitting the fan I think! Scary when you think about this stuff is happening all around the world except it is not in a movie.
So far this has been the winter that wasn't.

CNN doesn't mention it? Do any of them mention it? It gets bizarre that they don't ... that is the scariest thing of all. It isn't like there is much doubt about it happening.

Nice weather for the end of the world as we knew it.


And we continue to spend trillions of dollars to kill each other. Mother Nature just might beat us to it.


When folks mention that the press is controlled as to not panic the public you have to know that this is a fact. Not some delusional, paranoid nut case running off at the mouth.
What do you think would happen if the news started really telling folks what was going on.
Welcome to 1984 only we need to start calling it what it really is 2015!


I don't believe that 'panic and the public' line. I believe the press is controlled simply for advantage by corporate powers that be. They like control. They like a stable status quo. They are less concerned about war then they are about democracy deciding to go another way. Bernie is the people's candidate and the oligarchy is worried that people will control their own democracy.

Panic is actually to their advantage sometimes. A distraction. These are people who gave themselves two trillion in tax cuts, then outsourced and offshore, then arranged 17 trillion in bank bailouts and corporate bail outs like chrysler and then foreclosed on millions of homeowners. They backed Bush/Cheney's war in Iraq and selling out American manufacturing to China rather than competing.

Panic? We don' need no steenkin' panic... we own it. However climate change is inconvenient to the PTB. They still glorify fossil fuels... So they never mention global warming. They aren't trying to avoid panic...they are trying to avoid loss of profits.


Of course, most of us aren't old enough to remember the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927, the worst river flood disaster in US history.
PS -- Hurricanes are in their own category, not just as "floods"...


"Nobody who is living has ever seen anything like this!"
[/quote] Neither has anyone that is dead.


You say that the weather is being manufactured but you don't say how that is being done nor WHY? What purpose would there be to cause flooding along the Mississippi (i don't think it is possible in any case). I don't get your point in claiming stuff that you can't explain like an adult.

So how is weather being manufactured? There is a lot of science involved in that statement btw. Give it a shot... we're listening. So how is this weather manufacturing being accomplished >>> how much particulate are being introduced at what altitude by which countries and manufactured by whom and how do they get this stuff into fuel exactly and MOST IMPORTANTLY... please tell us all what is occurring in the atmosphere since nothing is being recorded down at the surface. There are no aluminum particulates being monitored in Hawaii. Try finding the scientific evidence for that. Moreover who is doing the monitoring btw.

Prove what you claim. Here's your chance.

Greenhouse gases from fossil fuels - extra carbon
introduced into the atmosphere is what is causing climate change.


I believe that this type of flooding along the Mississippi will possibly threaten the integrity of some nuclear power plants. I will do some research tomorrow and get back with my findings.


Hey, I am watching Twilight Zone right now... and it pales in comparison to this event....


How long can the climate deniers have their way and stand fast in their tiny little perfect world.


It is so hard to believe that people can still be in denial. It is so hard to believe that you realize that they truly don't see what is happening. We tend to feel that they are in denial but deep down they really know and are just stupid about it because conservatives have been against "liberals believe in climate change"! But then you see things like this and they don't face the truth.

That is what is so bizarre that their denial is that pervasive that they truly can't make the logical connections. I can't understand people like that. But then people believe lots of things that don't make sense. Our civilization has filled up with a lot of nut cases and wow I cannot imagine what it will be like in twenty or thirty years. Yikes and a half!!!

How did civilization end? Ans. Watching TV.

How did the human race end? Ans. Complaining that there was nothing good on cable!

Geez it really looks like it is going to get really terrible REALLY FAST. Twenty years may end up being a very, very long time.

These last five years have been filled with big changes... based on that rate of speed... what kind of changes will we see in ten years?

I kind of think the deniers will be changing their minds after the next ten (maybe 5) years or so.


What happened to the Golden Goose? Sadly they saw it coming and...


It rather ironic that in the Ukraine , due to a lack of water and threats to infrastructure due to instability, some 13 Chernobyl style reactors are at risk of failure. Again a legacy of a mindless pursuit of energy via technologies that few take the time to calculate out the negative consequences of when these technologies built.


I heard that the weather will be glorious in New York tonight during the New year's eve celebration. Who care about anything else? (sarcasm)


Yep! It seems like people (and the media) in the eastern USA and in many places around the world where it should be cold and wintry look outside their windows and say >>> "Oh my what a lovely day for the end of the world!" (as we knew it.)

Our civilization's epitaph >>> "The weather was nice."

Except that is only in winter!!!

Ahead of us are killer summers!

We will need to rephrase that old adage about summer time to >>> Summer time where the dying is easy! Winter time where the living is easy.

If you are young ... get f'king scared! (not sarcasm).


Isn't is something? Whenever I hear that phrase "never seen before" I feel like shouting >>> "Oh yeah? What about what happened last year?"

Never seen before ... is being seen a lot these days.


YEAH, love your response.. .good scenario....


Good ones!!! Yes, the denialists just never seize to amaze me.... I can't figure it out either.... and you bet it's going to get real bad real fast...
The thing is... it is REALLY going to start to affect people's ability to make a pay check and/or get food from now on... even this summer.... with this El Nino... can you imagine what summer temps are going to be?
.... and how much longer before WET BULB TEMPS start to kick in..?