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'Incredibly Bleak' Poll Shows Potential for Trump to Win Second Term Via Electoral College—While Losing Popular Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/incredibly-bleak-poll-shows-potential-trump-win-second-term-electoral-college-while

Reading this poll, just corroborates my contention that a Biden/Harris ticket has already been selected for 2020. And I agree, if that happens, Trump will probably get four more years…BUT OH! How I would love to be proven wrong!


The press is pushing Buttigieg like the second coming. That guy scares me more than anybody.


Because of the electoral college a candidate could get every single vote in about 38 states, and his opponent could get 1 vote each in the other 12 states and still win.
It’s that wrong, and that screwed up.


Look at the picture: With a little more practice Trump will get the ‘Heil Hitler Gruss’ just right…


The ‘democrat’ brain trust has been aware of this little problem since 2000 and has done what?


I wouldn’t abandon the upper Midwest as Clinton did. Have a robust progressive economic agenda, make sure POC’s votes are not surpressed in urban areas like Detroit and Milwaukee and in states like NC, AZ, GA, and Fla, and get young people out to vote all over.


Another caveat is that a lot will depend on how widespread and effective turnout organizing is. Clinton did a terrible job on this, not only in using existing structures to campaign and do GOTV, but also in failing to get people to not stay home.


If Bernie loses the nomination and the majority of voters are Independents, what would happen if Bernie ran as a Green?

Greens are making big gains in Europe. Greens may not win here, but we would get a great and growing third party.


He won’t do that out of a well founded fear that it would split the anti-Trump vote.

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Not a lot of noise by the public or the press, nor the Dem Party for oveturning
the Electoral College –

We need RANKED VOTING, as well.

Just another way of rigging the elections.


Amending the constitution is not easy.

True, But they blew the best opportunity during Obama’s first term. They prefer to ignore all though problems


I have no faith in this poll, but am diligently working on a time travel device or method similar to the movie the Butterfly Effect.
My goal is to go back in time and prevent the conception of the fetuses that became Trump, Cheney, Mulvaney, Miller, DeVos, and the rest of the Trump Gang as well as his rabid supporters.
This is preferable to killing them in the next Civil War.
So far though, haven’t made the breakthrough and thinking of calling in Marty McFly. We have a lot of “Biffs” in our government and populace, and they should all be eradicated.


Not sure how to take that: Would you like to be proven wrong that Trump wins four more years, or that Biden wins the nomination?

If this nomination process is as corrupted as the last one, Trump is assured four more years. Biden’s baggage, along with his plain ol’ weirdness, has him dropping in the polls, and if he suddenly surges, I, for one, will suspect skulduggery.

Most elected Democrats won’t care, they’ll still have their jobs and they’re all rich…


You, apparently, don’t know Shantiananda.

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Thank goodness! Having said that, the results were still horrific. That’s what happens when you are “given” two scum bags to vote for!


Too many people to keep them all straight…

Good Luck to ya!
You have my support


Senator Sanders would lose, the Democratic candidate would lose, Trump would win, the American people would lose, Political disintegration of the nation, climatic chaos destroys most life on the planet. Beyond that, not much of significance.