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'Incredibly Dark Day for Voting Rights': With Support of Trump Judges, Federal Court Upholds Florida Poll Tax Weeks Before Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/incredibly-dark-day-voting-rights-support-trump-judges-federal-court-upholds-florida


Well, of course Florida, they just sacrificed thousands of their citizens on the alter of corona virus for Donald Trump’s reelection purposes.


Florida will now go to trump. Just as it was planned out last year.
And democrats have a very hard time winning the electoral college without Florida.


Ah, yes, trump appointed “judges” - well versed in Constitutional law.
Don’t worry, another 4 years of that orange Mussolini wannabe and his Republicon crony’s and we will be a certified fascist dicktatorship, all very tidy and legal - according to the judges he has & will appoint, including at least one Scotus justice, likely 2 or 3! Ain’t democracy great?

Yeah, keep America great always, at least the trains may run on time - if any run at all.
Mother-loving scum and all who sail in this pathetic excuse for a government Of, By and for the corporations and extremist nutters - government that is now also a certified fraud.


Not to mention how hard it is for felonys that have served their time to get a job in order to pay on restitution. This is truly a poll tax on the marginalized.


The horrors perpetrated by this administration are never ending and increasingly criminal. It is beginning to break my spirit and starve my soul. There seems to be no way to protect my mental health (severe depression) from this onslaught. I keep telling myself to hold on until after the election, but what then? If Trump manages to prevail, I see no way that the utter destruction of the social order can be forestalled - not to mention the multiple crises that threaten our very existence. Judicial malpractice has been and will continue speedily to throw any semblance of law and order to the winds. And frankly, I don’t expect things to improve by much under Biden. If humanity manages to survive rapacious greed, history will condemn us, Baby Boomers, as the worst generation.


Democrats have hard time doing lots of things when it comes to actually winning.
But they sure make finger pointing look easy when they lose. Taking responsibility, not so much.



The presence of DT in the U.S. is (put mildly) an affront to the country.

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Before you get all upset… not all states allow felons to vote anyways. It’s not a new concept. The timing is a mite suspicious I do agree though.

I’m torn about felons voting… you want convicted murderers to have a say in your government? At least have a period of peace and lawfulness before restoring their right to vote?

Yup, they are crybabies.
While they are always busy playing the victim, one has to wonder, are you really a victim when you knew in advance that the other side was going to cheat, and yet you did nothing about it?
Yeah. I didn’t think so either.


…Your eight ball lies, mine says “try again later”. You say it like it’s ‘not’ a prediction, you can’t be that sure…

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…You’re painting a large picture with a very small brush…

…Even the planet has to beef up it’s immune system. With this Mango Maniac still spitting out his mental sickness…

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This Florida law specifically prohibited murderers and sex offenders from voting.

Despite the fact that Trump is clearly the worst president in American history, he is still polling in a dead heat with Joe Biden in Florida.


Another GOP hate-fueled designed means of “voter suppression” that benefits only them.

Those judges, being corrupt as they are, ought to be run out of town on a rail.


If justice was ever levied on the 535 in Congress and the Senate, most of them would also be felons.

Different set of laws apply there.

The guy in the White House, multiple felon.


The presence of DT on this planet, is an affront to humanity.


True. But he also serves as a mirror, reflecting back the ugly nature of US society.


Were you paying attention in 2016?
Or playing with your magic eight balls?

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