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'Incredibly Dark Day for Voting Rights': With Support of Trump Judges, Federal Court Upholds Florida Poll Tax Weeks Before Election

Get ready for commenters to blame Biden’s lousy polling numbers in Florida on the left.

All those idiot judges McConnell forced through will take generations to root out.

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Just maybe - post-Reagan, post-Bush(es) - we’ve had enough time to look into the mirror. But yes, it is ugly that so many keep endorsing this mentality with their votes.

True - but we need to start at home. He does not belong here.

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Situation on ‘felons’ voting rights across the country.

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The coercion invalidates the whole election. And both coercive candidates and parties.

No we won’t vote for global corporatocracy. Ever.

Democracy will be restored someday.

I feel blaming eyes upon me already.
Of course we progressives will shoulder the blame for the democratic party nominating a tired old man that excites no one. And of course it’ll be our fault the democrats spent another election cycle not cultivating the fastest growing demographic in the USA, Hispanics.
Ah, it’ll be like 2016 all over again.


That’s exactly how it will go.

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one can imagine the sad state if the Federal Judiciary with another 4 years of the Trump regime. But it seems some here accept that and are OK with it because Biden is far from perfect

Where are those much-flaunted “Democratic strategists”? where have they been, but licking corporate ass on their knees! This and many other scenarios never occurred to them? Cretins masquerading as competent.

The DP entrenched establishment don’t deserve any respect or support serving corporate/banker/wall street and the war-machine while they screw the public, working for yet another in a long series of electoral losses and alienation, betrayal of the Democratic/Indy/Left base. Biden? really? the bast we can expect? BS!

The pathetic nature of that private political club called the DP is now a “how-to” on failing near every test to win elections - to grow support, serve the public and critical issues they support, actively push those issues, stand-up and fight for truth and justice. Rather they rely on failed patterns of weakness, collusion, complicity and a craven leadership that have squandered all those advantages they should enjoy, making a mockery of the legacy of progressive/left leaders of the past with integrity, vigor and honesty - trading them for shallow, mealymouthed actors thinking themselves on a stage of, by, and for the corporation and their legal bribes!

The really big problem is they - the DP - are one of only two “major” parties that can put forward candidates for the people to approve or not, and when one steps forward they sabotage and betray them! . They are AWOL from their responsibilities, pathetic players in search of an audience that is striving for a champion, but all they - we - get is more deceit, backstabbing betrayals, and big-money sellouts!

And that is the worst of it they are the so-called opposition, now a toothless farce! Fuck all the scum DP incompetent complicit MoFo’s!.

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Hi CommonSenseIsGone:
Well, hmmm Bush 2 and Cheney and all these who swore Iraq had attacked us----they still get to vote even though they should be felons for the murders of Iraqis and Americans.


As opposed to other forms of ‘dictatorship’ or ‘authoritarian rule’ a ‘certified Fascist’ one, would involve a “state controlled pyramidal group of listed corporations” (from ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’ by Randall Morck - its worth a careful read, +ttp://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= )

‘State controlled’ - sound like Trump and the Republicans? Of course not. Their policy is ‘free-market capitalism’ with as little interference or regulation by the State as possible. The last thing that those with the most wealth, power and privilege in the U.S. want would be any political ideology that interfered with a system that has suited them quite nicely from the get-go of the “World’s Greatest Democracy”.

That’s not say that they may not use authoritarian structures and tactics to stifle dissent. If for instance you are a person of ‘color’ in the U.S., you and your ancestors will have lived under varying authoritarian regimes in the U.S. which did not have to be informed by Mussolini’s particular take on authoritarianism through the adoption of a ‘corporatist’ state to control commerce and the national economy.

Its time to leave Mussolini and his ‘Fascism’ (while not ignoring it completely - just in case) in the ‘dust-bin of history’ and concentrate on the specific failings of America’s attempt at ‘democracy’ - remembering the need to know the exact nature of what you are combating. Note too that America in particular has got a bit mixed-up with the term ‘corporation’ - not all commerce is conducted by corporations and not all corporations are commercial (ie. not operated in order to make a profit). Also when you read Mork’s paper, you will see that historical ‘corporatism’ does not equate with the state being directly governed by the boards of commercial enterprises with shareholders - rather the opposite.

P.S. I trust that your use of ‘at least the trains may run on time’ as ironic - as Mussolini didn’t manage to ‘get the trains to run on time’. +ttps://www.snopes.com/fact-check/loco-motive/


In 2016 it was quite clear that a vote for Trump was a vote to put federal judges on the bench who would undermine democracy. Unfortunately, though not a majority, enough people did vote for Trump or who effectively chose not to vote that this is what happened.

Thank you for a very thoughtful comment.
It often - usually - seems to me that our brand of “democracy” is constructed especially to allow the subversion of the principles we usually associate with that term. The Common Good emasculated so common greed may thrive. The promise (only) of government Of, By, and especially FOR the people subverted to private profits above all else - especially the health of our planet and the Natural World…

The domination of wealth in politics, in political parties, and all down the line - candidates, corrupt media, elections, legislation to create more wealth (on paper at least) in fewer and fewer hands while the great majority are victimized wage/debt and interest slaves to financial/economic parasites…
No, Mussolini never did get those damn trains to run on time, and this nation - our republic - given the nature of corrupted government, will never live up to its promise either…


That may be the definition, and I agree that many (including myself) have much to learn, but there is hardly any way to distinguish the two in this government. The “state” is filled with “free-market capitalists” who don’t seem to have a problem supporting the use of “authoritarian structures and tactics to stifle dissent”, which seems to be increasing. Is the glass half full or half empty, and/or does it matter given the end result? And then there are the conservative federal judges appointed by Trump.

A core preserving element of America’s ‘one party with two right wings’ system is the nation’s general insular ignorance that excludes knowledge of the existence of other electoral systems and ways of administering elections that facilitate real scope for multiple political groupings to participate with a realistic chance of being elected.

I see that Trump’s ‘platform’ includes a provision that all schools must teach ‘American Exceptionalism’. Surely this is unnecessary to even mention - as for centuries, the world’s most successful propaganda program ever has convinced the vast majority of the population that that it is so.

I also ways shake my head when Americans in particular cite Joseph Goebbels, as the ‘epitome’ of the art of ‘propaganda’. Goebbels was as incompetent as he was toxic. His ‘big lie’ theory was so ‘successful’ that during WWII the German war effort was hampered by sabotage in vital industries and plots by its own military to over-throw the regime. In the end it had to employ terrorist tactics against its own citizens and soldiers in an attempt to keep the war going.

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LOL, ," One party with 2 right wings, " very good. Yes, 2 right wings really do make this government fly in circles no matter who is elected. Although that is dreadfully sad and awful at the same time. : (

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These people have paid with their incarceration and this is voter suppression at its finest. Republicans can’t win without cheating. Even if Biden were to take Florida, Dump would no doubt say that Florida residents voted twice. DumbSantis is not participating in the election cross-check with 30 other states even though he said in 2019 that Florida would participate so now everyone can vote twice.

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Please, hang in there. We need every empath and Sensitive still left in our culture. I was in the Movement 55 years ago, and witnessed the hatred and experienced the violence. And, as I grew older and attained Wisdom, I realized we would need to deal with this issue again and again. And not give up. It’s hard, but the narrow Red road is a hard road, needing perseverence, courage, and the ability to keep going. Even when you feel you can’t take one more step, take it. And then another. Life’s storms are not meant to wear us down but to give us endurance.
We, as a species, are truly looking at extinction by our own hand, caused by arrogance and greed. Gaia will survive. Other beings will survive. Evolution doesn’t end simply because we, who so arrogantly call ourselves homo sapiens sapiens, the man who knows he knows, no longer exist. Our bodies will feed new life. Our task, in these dark times, is to embrace the dark, learn its lessons.


The great crime is how many people don’t vote and don’t care--------any person born in this country should be allowed to vote-------

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