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'Incredibly Dark Day for Voting Rights': With Support of Trump Judges, Federal Court Upholds Florida Poll Tax Weeks Before Election

You wrote a lot of stuff.

Sit down, stop talking for a second, I will try to answer your questions one by one, with the caveat that I am not a trade lawyer. But trade lawyers have explained this in a number of papers which I have tried to get people to read, you can find links to many on my site - which is linked in my profile, click the Z to get the URL. Start with the external links directory, right at the top.

“What is a stand still”

Its a freeze on all new regulation after a certain date, the standstill date, and it means that if a demand is made all the regulation has to be rolled back to that date.(usually the beginning of a part of the agreement or a revious date referred to - in the case of TISA it uses the same GATS dats, so for FS’s it would be that date in 1998. Or possibly 1995 for other kinds of regulation? I dont know. Ask Lori Wallach.

Let me give you two applicable examples from our real world. One os from TISA and it binds the “autonomous level” of liberalization . Its right at its beginning. The other is from GATS and it applies to all financial services.

Its here
WTO | legal texts> “Understanding on Committments in Financial Services” Ministerial Decisions & Declarations

" A. Standstill

  **Any conditions, limitations and qualifications to the commitments noted below shall be limited to existing non-conforming measures.** 

B. Market Access

Monopoly Rights

  1. In addition to Article VIII of the Agreement, the following shall apply: 

Each Member shall list in its schedule pertaining to financial services existing monopoly rights and shall endeavour to eliminate them or reduce their scope. Notwithstanding subparagraph 1(b) of the Annex on Financial Services, this paragraph applies to the activities referred to in subparagraph 1(b)(iii) of the Annex."

*and who is GATS? GATT was, I think, superseded by the WTO. *
BTW, how does a country exit all that mess?

GATS is one of 16 I think original WTO agreements. It was negotiated during the late 80s and early 90s. It is a global deal betwen the oligarchs of global South and North. It is intended to hijack democracy, and prop up the oligarchical kinds of governments that make lots of profits for Westernn companies profitable by keeping wages down and prices up. They want to prevent the kinds of world that people thought was inevitable in the 1990s and earlier.

To end the race to the top on living standards and quality of life it replaces it with a race to the BOTTOM.

It binds services “everything you cannot drop on your foot” some say,
and everything having to do with them, 80% or so of a modern economy.
Its kind of like NAFTA for the rest of the jobs.

Look up the varous definitions of services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority in it, they are at Article I:3 b+c and in the Annex on Financial Services

“If we do M4A, are we exempt from whatever this diabolical shit is?”

DO NOT USE THAT NAME WITH ME, okay? Because its a big lie. Its really medicare for nobody, okay?

If we had had a SINGLE PAYER system, way back in the 1990s, we could keep it if we didnt change it one bit. That would be all we needed from healthcare from birt (actually conception) until death.

With no tiers at all. If rich people wanted to hire their own concierge medicine, etc. They would be welcome to go to some other jurisdiction . Because single payer is an equal system for everybody, all the time, with no insurance. Thats the way it has to be done. These are rigid WTO rules.

Okay, lets suppose we could go back intime to 1990, and we had created a SINGLE PAYER system which replaced Medicare and all other healthcare systems and replaced all insurance, (something Biden has already said he would veto) which he cannot do under any circumatsnces without leaving the relevant GATS sections fors, likely soon at tremendous cost because we would literally have to buythe jobs back from oher counties, particularly India…

I need to add here that Sanders (although it would be obvious that Sanders would not be allowed to ignore the need to fix healthcare WITH SINGLE PAYER and not something else, having run on it,. So we would have to submit the Article XXI petition to and leave GATS, so likely would try to but would need a big national push to get out of this thing because there would e a cost, one we are likely to pay in the loss of other sectors jobs, (instead of the healthcare relevant ones) But I think he could do that because when it hits the light of day, nohbody is going to want to be associated with this dirtiest of deals and I think they will let us do it ONLY IF IT IS ALL OUT IN THE OPEN, THOUGH.

Trump would be in the exact same situation.

On the use of a poisonous confusing name?

What is Biden “expands medicare” even just a little bit?

M4A under the GATS agreement for us now, as we would immediately, automatically lose Medicare if we expanded its scope

We basically already promised not to do anything in those areas, because thiose jobs are on the table, as bargaining chips. I am not a trade lawyer but several expert trade lawyers have looked at the Understanding’s standstill and say that the document freezes further regulation in all financial services (and like services) at the 1998 level.

Its obvious that “existing only” means unless it was existing on February 26, 1998. the changes made in the ACA are because of this standstill, requyired to be temporary unless we pursue the modification procedure in Article XXI of the GATS. A good question for Biden would be is he planning to do that so he could keep the ACA. Similarly with Trump or Sanders, if he reentered the race after a resignation by Biden. (He would have to if this trick was exposed)

What is the time limit on a temporary emergency measure? (Based on the 2010 Global Financial Crisis) I am guessing ten years, so 2010, 20202, but its just a guess. Maybe I’m wrong, I am not a lawyer but its clearly comon sense that we not break rules that are listed so prominently, literlly the first rule in the relevant document.

IMHO, (NOT AN ATTORNEY SO _ this is speculative, BUT - if we violate that we’ll be asking for punishment. I actually suspect we’re being led into a trap. Yes, I suspect all our politicians are crooks for doing this. Unfortunately even people who many think are saints like Bernie Sanders. Because he’s taking advantage of our ignoranceto recommend we allow something really destructive to our existing social safety net, without warning people or telling them this is all going to be happening in a context of massive job loss to foreign staffing firms which may get a free pass to bring in as many workers as they need to do business, which could potentially become tens of millions of workers. I fact the WTO’s intent is to lower the price of labor all around the world quite a bit, making business much more profitable for its owners, but a real struggle for workers, undermining all existing workers with a new kind of what amounts to indentured servitude. Thats the goal is creating a new global default of totally disempowered labor. This is a dirty trick on the entire planet, its not immigration. It tries to get us to conrfuse the two, it actually captures and displaces real immigration. I am pro immigration because it doesnt depress wages, legal immigration is good for the economy and a country should be able to control the numbers. What they want is to take the control out of our hands and give it to the WTO. This could happen at any time, if we lose the dispute thats pending. (which is not about visa fees, its about the quotas, and wages also, whether we can demand other countries firms pay their workers a US legal wage).

In particular “expanding Medicare” beyond the scope of a “statutory system of social security” program (so as to cover people who are not covered by social security, so any earlier) is clearly prohibited it seems to me, the text at the beginning of the Annex on Financial Services.

So we have been warned, in the place which is the relevant one, since we traded away the right to regulate these sectors 26 years ago, so why are the politicians all pretending they never did this?

My guess is because its been a reliable vote getter, they dont want to fix or give up, despite them having traded it away. (Basically traded the jobs away, people should be concernbed about the potential loss of millions of jobs because the quotas we have been using to limit them is under attack by India. I suspect that may be why Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, because this dispute is definitely going to be a major issue in the coming years, whether we win or perhaps more likely, lose. Then they are going to have to find jobs for all the people displaced from work, and somehow explain to them how they were lying all that time.

Are politicians trying to trap us, so that we lose Medicare and/or Social Security or both?

It would appear that way. There are lots of reasons why they might be doing that now but I think the obvious reason is that as they are obviously shifting to a different work model, globally, one based on “movement of natural persons” (guest workers) they would like to put aside the burden of responsibility for these programs, so that “we the people” would not have unrealistic expectations of them they would not be able to keep, having traded away many of the better paying jobs that sustain Social Security on the incoming side. People would be having so many financial disasters, I can see why they would want no responsibility for keeping people alive in such a catastrophe.

Perhaps they could then eliminate the cap on taxation of benefits or raise the Social Security tax on the remaining Americans, while eliminating it in guest workers. (its unfair to make them pay taxes they quitye likely may not be able to use)

"I watched the video and I see how that would work, but I couldn’t get life insurance when I was 40 because I was a sober drunk, and I’m not sure what it means to this topic. Did I miss something? How long does it take you to write all that stuff? How do you hold it all in your head? I’ll need a brain cleanse to sleep again.

Well, a problem this big does focus the attention.

What do we need to do to escape this trap we’re in?

The President has to task USTR to file the Article XXI procedure to withdraw us from the relevant service sectors, which is sort of a divorce like procress. We are now married to the for profit system and trading of services for markets. For example, there seems to be a strong linkage on some level between drug prices and GATS and its job trading. let India keep making their life saving generic drugs and saving millions of lives and let Americans keep their jobs and have a single payer system that covers everybody. For Chrissakes, there is a pandemic going on. If I was president I would do this immediately. And not look back. I would actually withdraw us from both GATS and TRIPS and restore the Reasonable Pricing Rule. (which was ended in early 1995 right after the WTO agreements went into effect)

You should read about Article 21on the WTO web site, under Article XXI of the GATS.

You should also watch the film “Fire in the Blood” to see how horrible the TRIPS agreement has been. All the problems described in that movie are coming back. Also, America cannot afford to trade our decent jobs away, no matter how much would be saved on wages. We need to get out of this dirty deal. Americans investments in our careers matter, foreign temping companies profits are not the most important thing.

(I think I am running out of space here. )

The bottom is offensive to me, the Constitution is not a “POS” as you describe it.

Class action suit?

No standing. We dont exist in these new global economic governance forums.
Only governments and corporations do. We are just the inputs (the labor commodity) and markets which cannot be devalued.

Form another government that assumes no liabilities from the USA?

No they survive and are binding on the inhabitants of the same land afterward’

Guerrilla war?

No, violelce doesnt solve anything, especially not things like this. Look at the Treaty of Varsailles and WWII. Its similar.

The Constitution is a POS.


most of rest omitted

How do we escape it, otherwise? As the kids say, WTF?"

See above. We urently need new politicians too, ones who would never have thought nor would they have allowed anything like this to happen, ever. thats the reason we’re in this mess, them and their lack of any honesty, decency or common sense. Everybody associated with this scheme should resign.

Thats by design. They claimed that the poor countries wouldnt join if we tried to get them to improve their labor standards etc, so in order to end discrimination against the developing world’s corporations the world has to harmonize downward, bringing all environmnmetal regulations, technical standards, licensing, labor rules, to the lowest common denominators.

Obviously this is expected to be a huge disaster for what we used to think of as human “rights”. But it will end discrimination in business against the countries that might have been excluded from providing goods or services before because they never hired women or allowed slavery or maintained caste systems that excluded large segments of their population.

Or in the goods areas, some countries which maintain higher standards on chemicals might have been included while others were excluded.

the WTO gives all those countries a chance to do business on a level playing field despite thse issues.

the cheapest countries generally get a right to transact business.

You can learn a lot by asking the politicians questions about it that they then evade. (In person) Buttonhole them and make sure you have a pocket digital audio recorder.