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'Incredibly Disappointing': Democrats Choose Tom Perez as Chair


'Incredibly Disappointing': Democrats Choose Tom Perez as Chair

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This post will be updated.

Democrats on Saturday chose Tom Perez to lead the party, sparking criticism from progressive organizations who say picking the former labor secretary over the other front-runner, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), was a missed opportunity for the party.

Perez's win was secured in a second round of voting by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) gathered in Atlanta.


My name is on the Bernie list as I worked on his effort and contributed. I had better not EVER see a mailing from the establishment/corporate democrats. Readers please go to justicedemocrats.com and look at the platform, join and contribute if you can. The idea is for Progressives to go in at all levels and take over the party apparatus. It's in place we only need to take it over...that mean show up.


The Democratic party is bust. It's over.


That's it!...last straw.........never will I support the DP for anything! the establishment quislings have gone several bridges too far! Perhaps cut-off nose to spite face you will say, but they have proven time and time again they are incapable of change - gutless wonder tools! I am done.......................


This will not be allowed. If anyone thinks it is possible, look at what the establishment did to Bernie and now Ellison. They have a tight grip on the party and will not relinquish it. Resistance is futile so go elsewhere for a new party that actually cares what its members want.


Send a message, withdraw from the Democratic Party. Fire them. They probably run Hillary out there again in 2020


Excellent choice. He or Ellison would have been fine, and a fine progressive choice was picked.


Well you just aren't a very good observer and/or analyst.


It would seem to me that this could be a significant turning point for progressives. .. Perez indicates that the Corporate democrats, Obama & Clintons, remain in control and no progressive change is going to take hold of the Democratic Party.

Bernie and progressives need to leave and form the Democratic Socialist Party. It may not be viable but it has a better chance the Democrats which is not viable.


Just mailed in my voter registration and changed to Green party (whose policies and practices are way more in line with my values).


Perhaps he as DNC head he will help the next corporate servicing post DLC Democrat win in 2020.

Heck he might help the Democrats embrace Third Rail 2.0, that will move the corporate servicing power center of the Democratic Party even further to the right chasing corporate sponsorship peeled away by the fascist competition.


This should not stop Berners in any sense whatsoever. Because of the USA's electoral system, which is first-past-the-post, winner-take-all, and thus mitigates a two-party system, the most realistic option for progressives remains taking over the Democratic party in the same manner the evangelicals did with the GOP. Similarly, the evangelicals suffered setbacks, but were in it to win it for the long term. In fact, the vote margin is quite encouraging and is something to build on. Now is the time to continue taking over county and state party apparatus' and force a change from below.


This is pathetic and disgusting; worse than Trump being elected, as the people who gave us Trump by running a warmongering influence peddler are rewarded. What part of the term complete failure do these people not understand. It means the party resistance and ability to recover is hamstrung by the selfish corporate Clintonistas living in a world of delusion that ignores the flagrantly obvious bankruptcy of their tactics. A bankruptcy made crystal clear by losing to a fascist, sex predator, racist buffoon with no previous elected experience. It is rewarding the corruption of a party that sabotaged the Sanders campaign that in spite of that showed them the new path to take.

What this means is it time for new party, not the feeble Greens either; something fresh.


What an idiotic retort.


It's good to see those last few on a sinking ship clinging to talking points.

The symbolism of the Perez pick alone will mean another half million #DemExit.

But at least the Haim Saban gravy train will keep running right on time.


First "The Russians stole my homework" and now this. Effin clueless. Good ole American voter and vote suppression probably lost the electoral college for theDems - see Greg Palast and the 75,000 uncounted Michigan votes, not to mention running a candidate that half the population has hated for 25 years. Also the DCN was nowhere to be found when democrats forced the Wisconsin Scott Walker recall.


of stupid:
Knowing the truth,
seeing the evidence
of the truth,
But knowing you're covered,
because this is really about
keeping the left
out of power
no matter what.


"We must be united..."

Ellison said it all.


Had Ellison won, how much real difference would it have made? Perez is more representative of the party's core. At least with Perez, what you see is what you get. Ellison might have attracted more progressives and young voters into the fold, but then what? Sucker them, again, into campaigning for the next lesser of two evil Demo corporate whore in 2020? (Hello! Remember Bernie Sanders?) Give them lessons on how to co-opt the resistance movement as a good Democrat should and always does? The cycle repeats itself, regardless if it's Perez or Ellison.

At least with Perez, some in the resistance won't by lured by the Democrats yet again. Some may actually seek alternatives, now. Some may actually start thinking outside the Democrat-Republican box. Even those that choose to side with the Democrats may be a bit wiser and willing to ask hard questions of the party's elite. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.


I wish him well